Skeeter vs Marshall


History was on the verge of being made.  You know how much I love records.  A Skeeter loss would mark the first time in Winter League recorded history when a team that won the tournament lost their first three games in the following season.  Never happened before.

BTW, I say recorded history cause Winter League was around for many years before the internet starting tracking things.  Quake, I think, may have won like ten seasons, or something crazy like that.  There’s just no way to know cause nobody kept any of the records.  Which astounds me.  We can find ancient scrolls from like 1000BC, but try to locate a Winter League schedule before 1998?

Last night was a little sucky for me cause I couldn’t play, due to a non-injury personal situation that I shared with everyone last night, cause they were there, and that’s usually all it takes for me to share information.  Much more awesome people would’ve kept track of stats when they couldn’t play, and yeah, I used to do that too, but it honestly just slipped my mind.  Next week.  If I make the trek down to Harbor College, then I’ll have pen and pad in hand, I promise.  I might even take video.

Charlie Capron was making his Marshall debut, having recently moved from Dumbledore’s Army in the biggest mid-season switch since ….. I don’t even know when the last time someone switched from one team to another mid year.  I’m sure it’s happened before.  Just don’t remember when or who.  Or why.  (Sometimes I don’t know things.  Scratch that.  A lot of times I don’t know things.)  Charlie had an immediate impact in his first point as he touched the disc three times during the point and threw the score.

Marshall had to fight from behind the whole game.  Stayed close.  Couldn’t tie the game up despite numerous chances.  Two uncharacteristic end zone drops.  Multiple turnovers from within the Red Zone.  Danny Landesman gets a huge block on the goal line and converts to a score.  He may have a future.

Game continues to be Skeeter in front by one or two.  Marshall catches up finally at 12’s.  Then 13’s when Lauren Hill breaks loose on a defensive lapse and the Cannon finds her with a patented flick huck.  But Skeeter gets the final two to win 15-13.  No record will be set today.  Although noteworthy that Marshall’s three straight losses ties the most consecutive losses of our 19 year history.  And is the first time we lost three straight to open a season since our very first year in 2000.

Marshall’s first ever game was a loss to Red Hot Fools.  I wish I knew the exact date, but unfortunately the website is stuck right now and won’t show me any info prior to 2009.  Most interesting thing that happened in January 2000 when we played our first game, AOL buys Time Warner.  Remember that?  And American Beauty won the Golden Globe Award for Best Picture.

At Joxer’s, the bartender, who I haven’t seen since Summer League, remembered I like rum and cokes.  I tipped her an extra two dollars, cause that’s pretty cool.


Date Time League Season
January 30, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


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