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Skeeter vs Marshall

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Here’s my best analogy for last night’s game between Marshall and Skeeter.

Many of you probably saw the last season of the Amazing Race with Ultimate players Brodie Smith and Kurt Gibson.  In case you missed it, there was one episode where they had to race camels on bicycles.


It was a two mile race.  Not really sure why the camels were running.  Maybe they thought they were escaping to freedom.  I didn’t see a carrot on a stick or a juicy rabbit.  Anyway, for anyone not named Brodie Smith or Kurt Gibson (it turns out Ultimate DOES prepare you to race camels) the races went something like this.  Early on, you were right there with the camels.  In fact, most of the contestants were still with the camels at the halfway point.  Then somewhere right around a mile or so they all start to realize, holy shit, two miles is longer than I thought.  And the camels start to pull away.  Nobody’s in shape enough to match their stamina for the full distance.  By the end of it, the camels are like “Please.  I could do this all day.”  And the contestants are ready to quit life.


That’s kind of how the game went last night.

They were camels.  We were dust.

Fun fact: in the Arabic language, there are 160 words for Camel.  Eskimos only have 50 words for Snow.  SO lazy.

The loss assures that Marshall will not have a winning record for only the 4th time in our 18 years in Winter League.  One more loss would be our second losing season ever, and first since our second year playing in 2001.  It feels a really long way from winning Winter League last year.  Maybe we’ll get lucky again and there’ll be a wind storm in Santa Clarita.  I call “Same!”

The record for the worst season following a Winter League title was Ninja Squirtles who went 3-4-1 in 2014.  Marshall at 2-4 is in danger of breaking that record.

You wanna hear about some plays?  Sure you do.  How about old Marshall guys getting schooled by Landesmans?  I failed to go to a disc and Jeff D’d it right in front of me like I was the Statue of Unsmartedness.  (I think that’s in ancient Rome.)  Cubby got hand blocked by Daniel, and then stopped playing entirely.  Daniel is a handblocking master.  I feel like he must’ve been working for Mr. Miyagi cause he’s got the Wax On, Wax Off thing DOWN!!!

Skeeter had points that I’m not joking were literally “Catch the pull, center pass, huck for score; in about 5 seconds”  When you play a defensive point and you didn’t burn a single calorie, that’s probably not good.

They have a player on their roster who according to his Facebook page LIVES in Washington D.C. and just won Worlds with the US Open team last summer.  That is some next level recruiting Grant Boyd is doing.  I tip my hat sir.

Skeeter is 5-0 and clearly firing on all cylinders.

I had a cylinder once.  Those were good days.

Marshall won the party though.  Another strong showing at Joxer’s.  That bartender might love me a little.  She sees me walk in and goes “Rum and Coke?”




Date Time Competition Season
February 16, 2017 8:00 pm Winter League 2017


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