Skeeter vs Tsukemen and Women


Ah, the game I was super looking forward to this week.  Tsukemen and Women completely blew through the second tier of teams, and now was getting their chance to prove themselves against a team that made finals last year in Skeeter.  Let’s here from their captain Andrew Bustle:

RecapBustle2This was Tsukemen and Women’s first soiree into playing a team in the A Division and Skeeter did not disappoint.  Skeeter started out on offense and jumped out to something like a 5-2 lead.  We fought back trading points with Skeeter taking half at 8-5.  Skeeter had some success throwing a zone defense against us with Mingo marking and making it difficult to get throws through the cup.  The second half was more of the same with Skeeter pulling out a 15-10 victory.  Tsukemen and Women had a few issues when we got the disc close to their end zone.  Turning it in a couple of situations that probably should have been scores.  But, it was a highly spirited game and it is difficult to touch on all of the highlights.  All of Skeeter’s ladies played well and took care of the disc.  Eli caught everything thrown his way, especially the ones he had no business catching.  Grant was getting off break throws mostly at will.  Tsukemen’s Erika (OP) was a force on defense.  She had several deep D’s and caught at least one huck that I can recall.  T-Tom played a great game getting a layout D and catching two hucks for scores.  Bobman was out there shooting and connecting, he was also making several contested catches.  Hoover played great on both sides of the disc getting D’s and having a knack for cutting to space as it was opening up.  Wild Card was all over and making circus catches that are typical for him.

I’m pretty sure T-Tom has gotten a mention in every recap so far.  Either he’s playing really well, or there’s some serious bromance stuff going on here.  And I support that.

We also have a recap from Skeeter’s side.  Here’s Victor Smith with a limerick.

recapvictorLast night Skeeter played tsukemen,
Think there’s a more positive team? You’re dreamin’
The night was a tad cold,
But Skeeter’s throwers were bold
And in the end we won it fifteen-ten.

St. Patrick’s Day is still a month away, but I’ll allow it.


Date Time League Season
February 1, 2017 12:00 am Winter League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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