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Tarmac vs Animal Style

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The only time Animal Style faced Tarmac, it was in pre-quarters of the 2015 tournament.  Animal Style won that game.  So this was their first regular season meeting.  Let’s get the story from Animal Style’s Joanna Whitney:

RecapJoannaLast night Animal Style played Tarmac. It was a fast paced, nerve wracking game where many times I prayed for the lights to just go out and end the knot forming in my stomach. Therefore I did not take my usual notes and instead, in honor of the name Tarmac, will tell you of the time Bennet and LAX held me hostage for a night.

It was a night full of hope. It was Christmas time and I was headed to Houston to visit my family. I saw a familiar face in the crowd and thought, “This was looking like it might be a pleasant night.” Oh how quickly that hope descended into madness. There was a mechanical failure and…. no? This isn’t why you came here? Ok, well I guess I can transition this story into what I remember. The night started out about the same for our game as my flight home did, full of hope and quickly descending into madness.

Animal Style chooses D to start off the game and Tarmac quickly takes point 1. No worries, we’ve been having that happen a few times this season already. We answer right back. Then they rebut (had to look up that that was the correct word here). We trade points for a while. Tarmac goes up 6-4. We take two points. We trade some more. It was straight childhood Pokemon card shit up in here. Tarmac takes half 8-7.

We can feel that we are all sluggish. If you know anyone on Animal Style you know the grumpy looks on their faces when I suggested a jumping high energy cheer, but I got 75% of them on board with an “Extra Pickles! Extra Pickles! Extra Pickles!” cheer. Tarmac capitalizes on a turn on our part and takes first point out of half. But finally the pickles hit our digestive tract and we turn it on a bit and start to close the gap a point at a time. Lots of solid playing on both teams. Tarmac with long hucks and quick give and goes. Animal had to step up their energy on D. At one point the score is 14-9 Tarmac, and maybe it’s just that level of panic we needed the rest of the game because somehow we go on a run to tie it 14-14. A long huck by Tarmac’s men to only a few yards out when they call a TO. Now we were pretty sure you can’t do that since 14-14 = overtime, but we deferred to Dan who couldn’t quite remember. While he checked the website the teams had a time out anyway. All the site said was no TO’s in overtime starting at 14-14, but didn’t specify the consequence. Official rules of Ultimate is that it’s a turn (Dan immediately put this info on the site after our game), but we made a compromise and made Tarmac send the throw all the way back to the other end of the field. Maybe we should have been more sticklers… Anyway Tarmac works it back down to earn that point one more time. 15-14. We rage back 15-15. 16-15. 16-16. We are flying now and Tarmac with very few subs is getting tired.

We pull to Tarmac. The pull is dropped. Let me repeat that. ON UNIVERSE POINT THE PULL IS DROPPED! This is what we needed! How could things be going so right for us?! Yeah, we couldn’t believe it either, and that’s why we drop the disc on the line because our affliction for the night was not being able to look to our left and swing a disc fully; AT ANY POINT! Tarmac pushes back hard. I just pray the lights go out to end it in a tie. Why do the lights never go out when you want them to? Tarmac scores bringing the final to 17-16. I punch Andrew’s butt in frustration and learn just how abusable his butt really is.

The second half of the game was Animal Style style, but we need to start working on getting our first halves there too. Maybe it was the fact that we had a week and a half between games (looking at you Dan) or that we didn’t know the TO rules (looking at you again Dan), but it was a hard fought game, and all I have to say is that Tarmac will need to watch out for a fiery rematch should it come to that. And maybe I (and my team) should go to pickup a little more.

Rules.  Pschaw.  Whoever reads rules?

That is the first time I’ve heard of a dropped pull on universe.  Somehow I have to remember this because it’s gotta be considered for SOME kind of award next year.  I just don’t know what.  Or at least maybe it should be mentioned on the Winter League records page.

I’ll update RRI after I get the result from the Dumbledore’s Army/Skeeter game.  It’s correct through the Marshall/Tsukemen game.


Date Time Competition Season
February 9, 2017 8:00 pm Winter League 2017


Team1st Half2nd HalfFinal Score
Animal Style7916

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