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I crave recaps.  I didn’t get any from three straight games and I’m going through withdrawal.  But fortunately, I’ve got recaps from both games last night, including two for this one.  We’ll start with Mike Lichterman of SNT (alternately called SCNT):

RecapMikeLThis had the makings of a good game from the start. Tarmac has wins against lunch break, tbd, and rooks, and a loss to animal style, very closely mirroring our wins against those three and kapow but loss to scoober divers. If you closely look at the schedule you might note that we are essentially each missing a game which should have been played between our two teams a bit earlier but which neither team could easily attend, so this was also somewhat a reschedule.

Close game from the start. We score first on a pass from Phil that Molly still catches in the endzone after being tipped by her defender. Traded points to 4-4 but tarmac got a break in there somewhere. Tarmac had quite a few very quick handlers who moved the disc quickly, and with another break took half 8-6 and starting on offense the second half. Chris called for us to play harder, better, faster, stronger, and from down 9-11 we tied the game at 12, then 13, then closed the game 15-13 on a callahan by Chris, who I think had a D in each of the last 3 points. Unfortunately we lost Phil to what is hopefully not an achilles injury but we will find out in the future. This sounds ridiculous but there was a hole in the turf field (????) on the 50 yard line that he stepped in, so those of you playing at rancho cienega, watch out for that!

What?  A gopher got to the turf fields?  How’s that even possible?  There’s no dirt to chew.  Man, those things are VERSATILE!!!

Ending games on a Callahan.  That’s amazing.  And heartbreaking for the other team.  I know that also happened in Summer League.  I remember putting it on the Summer League History page.

My favorite Callahan I ever got was in finals at St. Pat’s Hat one of the years it moved to the beach.  But we were already down by a lot in a game we ended up getting killed in, so it was bittersweet.  But I high-fived every one of the fans on the sideline, so that was fun.

Most dreaded Callahan was the one Metro’s Trogdor got on 7 Figures in finals of Regionals, 2010.  Even though it was early in the game, without question it led to their upset win over us.  It was going to be my first ever trip to Nationals, but we lost that game, and the subsequent game-to-go and I’d have to wait.

Sorry, I just like to tell old stories.  I can’t help myself.  But you didn’t come here to listen to me, you came to here for last night’s game, and for many of you to get Sonja Roden’s video recap.  Here she is:

RecapSonjaLet us have a chat about tonight’s game, preferably a fireside chat wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket wearing mittens and wooly socks drinking some hot chocolate with Irish Cream. What I’m trying to say is Holy Balls it was freaking cold out there tonight. I’m hoping to have feeling back in my fingers by the time I send this to Andy tomorrow morning.

Anyhoo, game stuff…We were hashtag blessed to have the amazing Buster as our female sub tonight and boy oh boy did we utilize her as much as possible. Thanks B. This was a really close game which made it even more fun, we spent most of the evening exchanging points. Great things were happening all over the place and most of it on the field. Taylor had an awesome D in the end zone, sadly it floated enough for their girl to still get it. Ladies on both sides were showing off their great hands with some sweet catches. The nice thing about playing on turf is the lack of gopher holes however every once in a while a stray divot will appear on the fields and one of SNTs guys went down thanks to said divot – sad face. Can I also say if you can find two brothers who are more supportive of each other than Cody and Marcus Johns I’d be surprised. These guys get so excited when the other does something good, it’s great. Wouldn’t it be cool to have someone like that cheering you on in your everyday life. Yes I understand that I jump around a lot and there is no real organization to my thoughts it’s how my brain works and you guys are stuck with it. OK, enough of me talking it’s time for a video of me talking.

I’m not pointing fingers or anything but my roommate told me “win or don’t come home” before tonight’s game. She did not say this before the games we won. Now I’m not saying it’s her fault we lost and you are welcome to draw your own conclusions but I think it’s pretty obvious she is to blame.

Real Talk – St Pats Hat y’all, sign up! You are already online looking at this which means you are halfway there so just click over and register. DO IT! All the cool kids are, so are the not so cool kids and everyone in between.


It was actually cold at a Winter League game.  That seems like a first for the year.  It’s been shockingly warm most of the winter.  (Insert Global Warming comment here.) And sadly dry.  (Insert Drought Warning comment here).


Date Time League Season
February 21, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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