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Tsukemen and Women vs Dumbledore’s Army

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Hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day yesterday.  This game happened Tuesday night, but by the time I got this recap, I was already getting ready for dinner, so sorry it’s a day late.

Remember that today is the last day for regular registration for St. Pat’s Hat.  After today, you can still sign up, but there will be a small late registration fee.

Also, this weekend is Kaimana.  A super fun tournament on the island of Oahu.  Hope everyone going has a great time.

Last year, Dumbledore’s Army won this match-up 15-10.  Funnily enough, it also happened on the day before Valentine’s Day last year.  What are the chances?

Here’s Kristi Lin of Tsukemen and Women with the report:


RecapKristiLast night was probably the most tense game of winter league Tsuke has played thus far in the season. After a couple breaks, Tsuke came out on top at half. After half, Tsuke and Dumbledore traded points into overtime. Both teams were exhausted and seemed to struggle with handler movement and timing of cuts on offense, and both teams capitalized on these weaknesses on defense. Although there were times that the game got chippy, the intensity of the game was so fun. Tsuke will definitely be taking note of mistakes made last night and will be fixing them in future games.

Tsuke individual player highlights:

1. Jennifer Norris caught the disc a split second before she got trucked by a dude defender. She slowly stood up, re-centered herself, but then immediately picked up the disc to show that she had possession before the foul. You’re amazing, JNo.

2. Young Nicholas threw a bomb huck to a receiver like it was nothing. So much talent in a 13 year-old. He had a couple clutch assists last night too.

3. Charlotte Zhu got 2 Ds by using her bracket defense. She plays so smart!

4. Paul Kempler had an amazing pull that floated into the corner of the end zone, giving his teammates time to sprint down the field and set up aggressive defense. The stall must have gotten to 8 or 9 deep in the endzone before Dumbledore was able to get the first throw off.

5. Ethan Scherch and Wild Card Owens had a cool tag-team D in the endzone. Ethan reached his hand behind him to tip a disc that got thrown behind his back as he was chasing his defender to the break side, and Wild Card smacked it down into the ground so no one else had a chance at it.

6. Andrew Bustle threw dime assists into the endzone. Such beautiful, delicate, alabaster wrists. Such powerful throws. Get on the bus!!!

7. Avatar Yee came so close to getting a lay out D!

8. Thomas Lin didn’t throw any hammers.

So Tsukemen was able to do something that a couple teams were not able to do this year, hold a lead against Dumbledore’s Army.  No small feat.  And this was a big game for Tsukemen to topple what was basically the #2 seed in the league coming into the night.  Big statement game for them.

Although I’m a little surprised this was maybe the first recap without a mention of Bobman’s hair.  He must not have been there.


Date Time Competition Season
February 13, 2018 8:00 pm Winter League 2018


Team1st Half2nd HalfFinal Score
Tsukemen and Women8917
Dumbledore’s Army61016

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  1. you’re missing half of this recap…

  2. I just want to go on record that I don’t think it’s fair to say that Jennifer N, “got trucked by a dude defender.” There was a collision, and I was also part of that collision. It’s not a fair and accurate statement. There were plenty of collisions that were also created by females throughout the game. So it’s time to stop villianizing guys, and victimizing females on the ultimate field. Blitz calling a foul on a girl and getting heckled for it is another instance. I don’t know if it was a foul or not, but neither did anyone else on the sideline and yet I heard several, “Are you seriously going to call that on a girl?” Do we want to be equals on the field or not? (Also, maybe it was a guy saying that? Which would be even worse).

    But I agree with the statement that JNo is amazing.

    It was a really fun, intense, and spirited game.

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