Tsukemen and Women vs Skylife


It’s Saturday morning. I’m in Big Bear. I’m super hung over. I’m drinking water. Erin is taking a bath and nobody else is up yet. Except Robin is outside doing yoga because, of course. So let’s post a recap. Here’s Kristi Lin with her recap from Tsukemen vs. Sky Life.

RecapKristiThis week’s game was a lot of high energy. Both teams threw zone defense and really made offense work for it. We really liked that SkyLife forced us to play better ultimate. Although both teams fought hard in marathon points, the game was still good spirited and a lot of fun.

Tsukemen and Women individual player highlights:

1. Joe Bobman got a sick D in the end zone, took one step on concrete, and slid full soles into the metal bleachers. He gave us quite a scare but walked off the field. Luckily his long hair protected his head from impact on the concrete, and Bobman came back to play a couple points later. You da man, Bobman.

2. Thomas Lin caught the disc in the end zone, tossed it over his shoulder, and then also took one step on the concrete and slid into the bleachers. He was also fine, but man, what a dork.

3. OP threw a beautiful deep backhand break for the score!! Amazing. Just amazing.

4. Claw came up with the team cheer “Tsukemen and Women, sending noods and winnin’!” Pretty clever.

5. Our handlers Paul Kempler, Thomas Lin, Andrew Bustle, and Joe Bobman confidently swung the disc and gained yards up the field when zone defense was thrown.

6. My girl Avatar Yee did not hesitate to jump for a D against a SkyLife man. You’re amazing.

That Bobman hair line cracked me up. I’m a little less hung over now.


Date Time League Season
February 1, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex

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