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Family Style Tryouts 2017

Mar 17th, 2017 | By | Category: Club Mixed, Teams

Family Style 2017

The menu:

Saturday, April 8: Open Tryout (Mixed Combine)
Sunday, April 9: Women’s Mixer
Saturday, April 29: Open Tryout @9am
Sunday, May 14: Invite Tryout @1pm
Saturday, May 27: Invite Tryout @9am
June 3-4: Team Practice
June 10 – 11 (Calstates Tournament)

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About Us:

Some people think that when you’re eating out, your most important decision is what you’re going to order. But when you’re nomming with company, there’s a more important choice to make even before scanning the menu: will I order only for myself or will we go family style?

We’ve unequivocally made our choice: we’re Family Style, every time. We value community, chemistry, and heart. And snacks. We trust our teammates not to get broken, and our table-mates not to order Hawaiian pizza. We get horizontal on D, and after eating that second bowl of ramen. We finish our in-cuts and the fries at the bottom of the bag. We say that every turnover matters, and that no leftovers are left behind. We’ll no-look double-pump, and only double-dip when no one is looking. We’re committed to one another through sick full-field hucks and sickness-inducing tacos. We fall asleep with “dump–swing” on our lips, and dumplings in our stomachs.

We believe the team that eats together, gels together, and our goal for Year 3 is to improve on last year’s inaugural Family Style Regional performance. We celebrate each other’s tenacity and skill, and push one another to get up and go beyond. We’re psyched to be your teammates and want to conquer the mixed world with you. Come join our weird, talented ultimate family–we’ve already saved you a seat.

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