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Wanna know what’s up with the LA Club teams? For some of you, you may even be wondering, who ARE the LA Club teams? Well, check here throughout the season and I’ll keep you updated on everything I know.

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MEN’S DIVISION – The last L.A. open team to go to Nationals was Monster in 2006.  The next group of teams (Strike-Slip, 405 & Recess) gave way to Renegade in 2011.   Renegade’s best finish was in their 2nd year in 2012 when they came within one game of the game-to-go to Nationals.  Last year they finished in 6th place at Regionals.  Gridlock plays their fifth season.  They finished in 8th place at Regionals last year.

Renegade-Logo-right2014LA RENEGADE

Team roster


Heavyweights (July 23/24)
Round 1: 11-9 win over ISO Atmo
Round 2: 11-3 win over Ascension
Round 3: 11-4 win over Hippie Mafia
Round 4: 11-3 win over Wisconsin Hops
Quarters: 5-13 loss to MKE
5th place semis: 9-7 win over Sundowners
5th place games: No game played

PNW Hootenanny (August 6/7)
Round 1: 13-6 over Evergreen
Round 2: 13-11 over HAM
Round 3: 13-8 over Ghost Train
Semis: 15-2 over Evergreen
Finals: 15-5 over HAM

Sectionals (August 27/28)
Round 1: 13-5 win over Brawl
Round 2: 9-11 loss to SoCal Condors
Round 3: 13-5 win over Sculpin
Semis: 7-12 loss to Sprawl
3rd place game: 13-7 win over Streetgang

Regionals (September 10/11)
Round 1: 13-5 win over Shenanigans
Round 2: 5-13 loss to Guerrilla
Round 3: 13-5 win over Brawl
Round 4: 8-10 loss to Sprawl
Quarters: 7-15 loss to SoCal Condors
5th place semis: 10-12 loss to Sundowners
7th place game: Forfeit win over Shenanigans

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Team roster


San Diego Slammer (July 2/3)
Round 1: 2-13 loss to Streetgang
Round 2: 3-13 loss to Sculpin
Round 3: 1-13 loss to Green River Swordfish
Round 4: 2-13 loss to Beachfront Property
Consolation play-in: 10-13 loss to Brawl
Last place game: 9-13 loss to Air Show

Encinitas Round Robin (July 31)
Round 1: 4-13 loss to Sculpin
Round 2: 8-10 loss to Air Show
Round 3: 8-9 loss to Endless Sunset B

Sectionals (August 27/28)
Round 1: 3-13 loss to Streetgang
Round 2: 2-13 loss to Sundowners
Round 3: 1-13 loss to Sprawl
Round 4: 3-13 loss to Shenanigans
Placement Pool: 7-13 loss to Brawl
Placement Pool: 4-13 loss to Sculpin

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WOMEN’S DIVISION – L.A. won Nationals in 1989 with Crush Club, an LA/SB hybrid. But for the last 25 years, LA hasn’t had a team make it past Regionals.  Viva! starts their fifth season.  Their best finish was 2014 when they made it to the Game-to-Go at Regionals.  But last year they took a bit of a step back finishing in 5th place.  Reign is in their third season, and they finished in 8th place at Regionals last year.


Team roster


Eugene Summer Solstice (June 18/19)
Round 1: 13-1 win over Tempo
Round 2: 10-3 win over Wendigo
Round 3: 9-8 win over Ivy
Round 4: 9-11 loss to ZFG
Consolation pool: 13-2 win over Party Animals
Consolation pool: 13-2 win over Further
Consolation pool: 11-2 win to Elevate

Revolution (July 23/24)
Round 1: 15-0 win over Reign
Round 2: 15-1 win over Temptress
Round 3: 11-5 win over Lady Condors
Quarters: 15-1 win over Sexy Use of Plaid
Semis: 11-3 win over Ivy
Finals: 9-6 win over Deadly Viper Assassination

Sectionals (August 27/28)
Round 1: 7-4 win over Lady Condors
Round 2: 3-10 loss to Wildfire
Round 3: 10-5 win over Reign
Round 4: 8-6 win over Phoenix Uprising
Round 5: 7-6 win over Venom
Finals: 4-13 loss to Wildfire
2nd place game: 9-10 loss to Venom

Regionals (September 10/11)
Round 1: 9-4 win over Deadly Viper Assassination Squad
Round 2: 9-8 win over Phoenix Uprising
Round 3: 4-13 loss to Fury
Round 4: 10-12 loss to Venom
Round 5: 0-13 loss to Wildfire
Round 6: 0-13 loss to Nightlock

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Team roster


Revolution (July 23/24)
Round 1: 0-15 loss to Viva
Round 2: 3-15 loss to Lady Condors
Round 3: 8-11 loss to Temptress
Quarters: 3-12 loss to Ivy
5th place semis: 4-7 loss to Temptress
7th place game: Forfeit loss to Sexy Use of Plaid

Sectionals (August 27/28)
Round 1: 2-11 loss to Venom
Round 2: 5-7 loss to Lady Condors
Round 3: 5-10 loss to Viva
Round 4: 3-11 loss to Wildfire
Round 5: 1-11 loss to Phoenix Uprising
5th place game: 6-13 loss to Lady Condors

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MIXED DIVISION – Last year L.A. broke a six-year streak of sending teams to Nationals.  From 2009 to 2014, Metro, BCBC and 7 Figures had all gone, with 7 Figures making it four straight. But that streak ended last year as 7 Figures lost in the 2nd place Quarters game. They start their seventh season and look to start a new streak.  OC based Naughty Love is in their sixth season.  They finished in 14th place last year at Regionals.   Family Style is in their second season.  In their rookie campaign, they did not qualify for Regionals, losing in 6th place Quarters.


Team roster


Cal States (June 4/5)
Round 1: 13-5 win over Abministrators
Round 2: 10-5 win over Platypi
Round 3: 13-3 win over Dutch Rudder
Round 4: Win over AC Bandits
Quarters: 13-5 win over Donuts
Semis: 12-8 win over Classy
Finals: 13-10 win over Mischief

Revolution (July 23/24)
Round 1: 10-7 win over American Barbecue
Round 2: 10-6 win over Bozos
Round 3: 11-5 win over Classy
Quarters: 9-10 loss to BW Ultimate
5th place semis: 10-7 win over Groove
5th place game: 8-10 loss to Dorado

Colorado Cup (July 30/31)
Round 1: 9-12 loss to Steamboat
Round 2: 12-13 loss to Noise
Round 3: 13-9 win over Bird
Pre-quarters: 12-14 loss to Blackbird
9th place semis: 9-12 loss to Noise
11th place game: 8-13 loss to Alloy

Sectionals (August 27/28)
Round 1: 12-13 loss to Family Style
Round 2: 13-4 win over Sports Team
Round 3: 13-6 win over Naughty Love
Round 4: 12-7 win over Rubix
Finals: 15-8 win over Dorado

Regionals (September 10/11)
Prequarters: 10-11 loss to Rubix
2nd place play-in 1: 13-7 win over Family Style
2nd place play-in 2: 13-6 win over American Barbecue
2nd place pre-quarters: 12-9 win over Alchemy
2nd place quarters: 15-14 win over Dorado
2nd place semis: 11-14 loss to Blackbird

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Website: http://7figuresultimate.com/


NaughtyLove2015RightNAUGHTY LOVE

Team Roster


Cal States (June 4/5)
Round 1:
Round 2:
Round 3:
Round 4:

Revolution (July 23/24)
Round 1: 8-12 loss to BW Ultimate
Round 2: 5-11 loss to Dorado
Round 3: 8-10 loss to Groove
B/C crossover: 11-9 win over Ursa Major
Tier 2 quarters: 5-15 loss to Public Enemy
13th place semis: 5-11 loss to American Barbecue
15th place game: 7-14 loss to Platypi

Sectionals (August 27/28)
Round 1: 7-11 loss to Sports Team
Round 2: 11-13 loss to Rubix
Round 3: 8-13 loss to Family Style
Round 4: 6-13 loss to 7 Figures
5th place quarters: 14-15 loss to Instant Karma
9th place game: Win over Sports Team

familystyle2016FAMILY STYLE

Team Roster


Cal States (June 4/5)
Round 1: 9-10 loss to Alchemy
Round 2: Loss to Classy
Round 3: Loss to Mischief
Round 4: 8-6 win over Ursa Major
Brackets: 13-7 win over Cutthroat
Brackets: 11-8 win over Dutch Rudder
Brackets: 12-8 win over Absolute Zero

Revolution (July 23/24)
Round 1: 13-5 win over Happy Cows
Round 2: 12-7 win over AC Bandits
Round 3: 10-12 loss to Long Beach Legacy
Round 4: 9-11 loss to Mimosas
Tier 3 quarters: 12-7 win over Buckwild
Tier 3 semis: 8-12 loss to Long Beach Legacy
19th place game: 12-8 win over DR

Sectionals (August 27/28)
Round 1: 9-10 loss to Rubix
Round 2: 13-12 win over 7 Figures
Round 3: 13-8 win over Naughty Love
Round 4: 13-5 win over Sports Team
2nd place quarters: 15-12 win over Superstition
2nd place semis: 13-15 loss to Long Beach Legacy

Regionals (September 10/11)
Prequarters: 10-13 loss to Dorado
2nd place play-in 7-13 loss to 7 Figures
Consolation pool round 1: 8-12 loss to Platypi
Consolation pool round 2: 13-7 win over Ursa Major
Consolation pool round 3: 12-9 win over Groove

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Team Roster

Revolution (July 23/24)
Round 1: 15-6 win over AC Bandits
Round 2: 15-5 win over Mimosas
Round 3: 12-10 win over Family Style
Round 4: 14-8 win over Happy Cows
Tier 3 quarters: 11-8 win over Cutthroat
Tier 3 semis: 12-8 win over Family Style
Tier 3 finals: 13-8 win over Mimosas

Coconino Classic (August 13/14)
Round 1: 12-8 win over Instant Karma
Round 2: 13-10 win over Fiesta
Round 3: 11-10 win over Rubix
Round 4: 14-12 win over Superstition
Finals: 11-13 loss to Rubix

Sectionals (August 27/28)
Round 1: 13-8 win over Superstition
Round 2: 13-6 win over Instant Karma
Round 3: 13-2 win over Fiesta
Round 4: 9-13 loss to Dorado
2nd place quarters: 13-8 win over Rubix
2nd place semis: 15-13 win over Family Style
2nd place game: 12-15 loss to Dorado

Regionals (September 10/11)
Prequarters: 10-11 loss to Donuts
2nd place play-in 1: 13-6 win over Ursa Major
2nd place play-in 2: 8-13 loss to Alchemy
9th place semis: 11-13 loss to American Barbecue
11th place: 13-9 win over Rubix

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MEN’S MASTERS / WOMEN’S MASTERS / GRAND MASTERS DIVISIONS – Last year LA sent a team to Nationals from all three divisions, sort of.  Beyondors is really a Santa Barbara Men’s Masters team, but their roster was filled with a lot of LA players.  Hot Lava is an all-California Women’s Masters team, also with a lot of LA players, and Super Cali Fragile Disc was a Grand Masters team from Huntington Beach that did not come back for this season.  So there’s no Grand Masters team this year.


Team roster


Regionals (June 25/26)
Round 1: 11-12 loss to Crawl
Round 2: 10-9 win over OG’s
Round 3: 10-11 loss to Revueltos
Round 4: 13-6 win over Hard Ticket
Second Place Semis: 15-10 win over Hard Ticket
Second Place Game: 15-11 win over Crawl

Nationals (August 5 – 7)
Round 1: 8-15 loss to Johnny Encore
Round 2: 8-15 loss to Pacemaker
Round 3:
15-10 win over Burnside
Pre-quarters: 9-15 loss to Revueltos
9th place quarters: 15-10 win over Outlaw
9th place semis: 15-8 win over Surly Cynic
9th place game: 14-12 win over Flood


Hot-Lava-LogoHOT LAVA

Team roster


Regionals (June 25/26)
Round 1: 15-14 win over Safari-Tarians
Round 2: 12-8 win over Maul
Round 3: 9-12 loss to Salty
Semis: 3-15 loss to Safari-Tarians
Game to Go: 15-6 win over Maul
Second Place Game: 11-13 loss to Safari-Tarians

Nationals (August 5 – 7)
Round 1: 11-12 loss to Loose Cannon
Round 2: 14-13 win over Pumas
Round 3: 15-10 win over Atlantiques
Pre-quarters: 5-11 loss to Seattle Mint
9th place semis: 15-11 win over Winnipeg Mint
9th place game: 14-12 win over Safari-Tarians

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  1. Regarding Grand Masters:
    In 2016, “Super Cali Fragile Disc” did come back, but we changed our name to “Endless Sunset”. We are a top team of players from San Diego, OC, and LA. In 2016, we finished 7th at Nationals and are looking to improve on that heading into 2017!

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