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Scoober Divers


I got these recaps after I left work yesterday, and went to my league game last night, so sorry for getting this up this morning.  This first one is from Retro’s Jessica Creamer:

I basically have Frisbee amnesia and forget what happened as soon as we score. But, here are my cliff’s notes:

  • It was v foggy
  • The lights went out, but came back on
  • I don’t remember the score but I think they took half?
  • We were tied at some point, but mostly down by 2ish the whole game
  • Jonny had some amazingly athletic plays and some heartbreakingly close layouts
  • Our D was surprisingly on-point for the first game of the season, especially against a bunch of young dudes that wanted to jack it deep
  • Drea, MikeRo, and NewBrad had a couple nice heads-up Ds
  • Zach is so fast and it is fun to huck it to him
  • Lish picked up with us and it was wonderful
  • Our flow could use some work but there were moments of greatness that make me so excited for this season
  • The other team came down with a bunch of wild stuff in the endzone, very athletic plays
  • They won, I’m not sure what the final score was

NewBrad?  Which Brad got that designation?  Ross or Rosen?  Or a NEW Brad?

We also have a recap from the Scoober Divers.  This is Terry Parent:

Retro is always a great, challenging team to play against. Last season, they beat us in a close game in the tournament. So, we knew that tonight was going to be really tough. However, win or lose, they are a great group of folks with excellent spirit.

This season, Scoober Divers are looking to build off a good first season. We’ve added some great players to the squad, and judging from our name game in the dark (waiting for lights to turn back on) where we learned that Red brought a 40 song “butt” themed playlist which did not disappoint and that the trashiest of tintos were in full effect, this will definitely be a really fun season.

Game 1, Winter League 2019- Scoober v. Retro:

The game started off with expected turns and drops on our end. Having just met moments prior, figuring each other out was our first hurdle. Retro took an early 4-2 lead as we were trying to figure out offensive and defensive chemistry. When we finally did, we caught up, took the lead, and never looked back.

Scoober took half 8-5.

After the half, Retro threw their zone on us and pushed to within 2. After our offense found its flow, they carried us through to a 15-11 win.

Shout out to Devin who scored seven of our points, Arista who threw some great bombs and really kept the offense going, and Red who taught us way more about butt songs than I thought possible.

I can think of only 4 songs off the top of my head, but it’s hard to get “I like big butts” out of my head while thinking.  Lost cause.

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