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Kong Climbing Up

Mar 2nd, 2013 | By | Category: Game Recaps, Winter League

So I’m in Vegas right now, and super drunk, and yet doing this, so…. nothing makes sense.

Anyway, AFO vs. Snowmen.  This is Brach.  Speaking truths:

It was a mighty battle at Balboa between Abominable Snowmen and AFO, the two A-league teams that are first in everyone’s hearts and dictionaries.

Abominable Snowmen came out on offense, and though they had a few turns, they were able to punch in the first point for a score on a nice break into the endzone. After that, though, they ran into some trouble. After a few uncharacteristic drops – and some quick transition offense by AFO – Abominable Snowmen found themselves down at half by a score of 8-3.

The Snowmen made a game of it, though, and their women really stood out for their strong play on offense. Leah DK frequently posted up at the front of the stack and proved a frequently-targeted break mark option. Morgan showed her speed and got open consistently throughout the night, and Janet, who many of us met for the first time, got wide open deep for a score on a very memorable huck right off the pull.

Despite their chilly (!!) efficiency, the Snowmen did have a few problems with drops as the game wore on, and that proved to be too much of a hurdle for them to overcome. The final score read 15-5 with AFO on top of the mountain, but the scoreboard belies the fact that the game was hard-fought by both sides, and just about every point was a good match unto itself.

So true.  Truth.  AFO’s now like two seed.  Snowmen, not so much.
Other game.  Kong, Huck and Chuck.  Speaking it out loud Zach Smith.  I don’t have a pic for him, cause… drunk…. Vegas… no time.

First half was a closely contested.  Kong showcased strong handling and field awareness while Huck and Chuck displayed their athleticism and shear passion for the game.  Tigger, in a selfless move put his own safety on the line to catch lay out and successfully catch a disc that was clearly out of bounds, declaring, “I just wanted to show you that I could do it,” actually this act was hardly selfless at all.  Midway through the first half Gridlock players Zack and Dennis showed up adding very little additional benefit to the team.  They did nicely complete the strong gridlock component of Huck and Chuck.  Moving on, Kong pushed their lead up to 7-4, Huck and Chuck responded with the play of Renegade players, Simon, Bennett, and Avatar, bringing the score to 7-6.  Next point Kong took half.

Second half, Huck and Chuck opened with a score bringing them to within one.  At which point Huck and Chuck decided to flex their girl muscle, what is a girl muscle? no it is not some weird sexual Euphamism, it is A. Fox Besek, Agave, Lance and Calypso, a quartet that is not exceeded in talent or beauty by and other quartet in the Winter league, in my humble opinion.  Some combination of these 4, usually Agave and Fox Besek lead the handling for Huck and Chuck, while Kong suffered from injuries, one of which sidelining skyscraper man, a potent handler and subtle deep threat.  This equation equals Huck and Chuck tieing the game at some point.  It was at this crucial point where Huck and Chuck, well at least myself started suffering from amnesia, and the next thing I know we are losing, because of the amnesia the exact score details are hazy.  Suffice it to say  that despite Kevin’s best efforts to will Huck and Chuck back into the game with masterpiece throws, the score began to slip away.  Huck and Chuck slipped into a slow and shameful defeat.  Hot Sauce noticed everyone stopped cutting, and that was true.  At some point in the last points Huck and Chuck resigned to the fact that the bar would be the only place they would find satisfaction that night.

Meanwhile, Luke, a friend, a musician and long time Huck and Chuck team member, continued to craft his own brand of ultimate.  This brand is based upon the strategy of confusion, seems to revolve around mystifying his defender.  Luke can often be found running his ass off, sometimes with the direction of Hot Sauce, “Luke, run towards Agave…..Luke run away from agave.”  This initiative and creativity is accepted and encouraged by Huck and Chuck.

Kong, like the 3 seed.  Holla.  They play a rematch against AFO, on like….. um, Thursday I think.  Sounds right.


Those games have already been played.  Too drunk to check.  Want to get this out.

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  1. Don’t believe that being drunk in Vegas impairs Andy one bit, everyone knows that it actually activates his super powers.

  2. Andy has turned into a caveman, apparently.

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