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Kong Holds Back Sky Life for First Win

Feb 26th, 2016 | By | Category: Game Recaps, Winter League

It just didn’t seem possible that Kong could fail to win a single game all season, but after an 0-5 start with only two games to play, you had to wonder.  Thursday night they played Sky Life.  Here’s Tim Armstrong with the short recap:

RecapTimKong won 15-13.

It’s late and I’m tired so you get a very limited recap:

We got started at 8:45 because turning on lights is hard. It was tied at 3’s, then 7’s. Kong took half 8-7. It was tied again at either 11’s or 12’s. Kong went on to win 15-13.

It was a very fun and well spirited game.

Apparently turning lights on IS hard.  I heard they went out a couple times for the night.  Seems like an easy job for someone.  But not so much.

But the big story is of course Kong’s first win of the season.  They’re now 1-5.  They will play their final game of the season next Wednesday against Hungry Hydra (4-2).  The winner of that game will be the 6 seed and the loser will be the 7.

Sky Life is now 2-3. They have two games next week.  The first one is the make-up game against Retro.

On the other field, it was Night’s Watch and Retro playing.  Here’s Duck of Night Watch:

RecapDuckChapter 6: Retro

After failing to claim victory for the second week in a row, the Night’s Watch needed some time to regroup and recruit. We’ve suffered much in these losses. We all went our separate ways to find ourselves and see if we could come up with a solution for the next battle.

War is a fickle thing, just when you feel that you want nothing more than to get out and rest, you find yourselves being drawn right back in. In my travels, I found myself teaching the ways of the world to children in a not so far off land. While I gave them wisdom and knowledge, they found it fitting to give me something as well: sickness. It spread quickly, draining me of my strength, drying my throat, applying pressure to my head as if I was attempting to wear a crushed helmet, making it difficult to breath as if I was wearing armor that would only fit a small child. And yet, war waits for no one.

We find ourselves on the eave of a battle that seems to have taken far too long to arrive. The night was dark and full of gopher holes. As the designated time approached to begin, the torches began to flicker out. Not just one or two, all of them. We stood in complete darkness. It took nearly 20 clock cycles for the light to return, only to diminish once again. Nearly an hour had past by the time we were able to begin.

Our numbers were still low, many men of the Watch had not found their way back from their travels. We expected the same of our sisters, but a few more showed as time moved forward. The battle began very closely matched. The later part of the first half would not stay this way. House Retro used battle formations that no other army has used on us up until this point. Their strikes were true, and their battlefield awareness proved to be highly experienced. We would expect nothing less from a seasoned army. They claim the first half 8-4.

While some may falter and dismay at the fact they don’t have many bodies to field, I like to look at the other side of that sword. With fewer people, it seems easier to build a level of chemistry and understanding with the few that you do get to fight alongside with. For the Watch, this would become apparent in the second half. We found ourselves in a deep hole, sitting behind with a score of 11-6. But as many have discovered, the Night’s Watch is not one to just wave the white flag. We slowed down and focused on our formations instead of our brute strength. Their advanced defensive strategies could not hold against our full field swing tactics. We were creeping up to move to a score of 10-11. Unfortunately, we let ourselves fall too far behind to fully catch up.

We would eventually strike once more, but the battle settled with a final score of 11-15 with victory to House Retro. Lord Commander Ben proved his battle experience by issuing orders to his troops that would give more credit to his already reputable name. The warrior Charlie wielded a hammer that struck hard and true on several occasions. Lords Nate and Cotter seemed to possess an ability to be all around the battlefield at all times. The Ladies of House Retro were no push overs either. They threw through our ranks, caught things that seemed uncatchable, and played admirable defense.

According to recent scouting reports, some of their warriors are fresh to the fight. A very advantageous situation for House Retro. Let it be know that the warrior Nate, was in fact present at the battle.


With full numbers, the Night’s Watch will be known as a formidable opponent. With the war nearing an end, now is truly the time to prove the Wall will hold.

Yep, that’s true about the new players.  Retro added two players last week.  There was no deadline on when to add players.  Only that players play two regular season games to be eligible for the tournament.

Night’s Watch and Retro are now both 3-3.  Retro’s final game is next Wednesday, the make-up game against Sky Life (2-3).  Night’s Watch finishes Tuesday against Tarmac.


As mentioned, the first game is Night’s Watch (3-3) against Tarmac (3-3).  This is a rematch of week 3, and it was a really good game with Night’s Watch taking it 17-15 in overtime.

The other game pits undefeated Animal Style (6-0) against the defending champions Ninja Squirtles (4-2).  Last year they played each other and Ninja Squirtles won 15-4.

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