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Kong Smashes Hydra

Mar 3rd, 2016 | By | Category: Game Recaps, Winter League

Three games happened last night, but the big one, that did have standings implications was the Kong vs. Hungry Hydra game.  So let’s find out what happened.  Here’s Andrew Bustle of Hydra:

RecapBustle2Last game of the regular season.  At some point we realized that we have not run a zone once the entire season so think maybe it would be a good idea to have given it a shot together at least once.  I was determined to have us stick with the zone even though there was basically no wind and Kong has several very solid throwers.  It was a good first half mostly trading points back and forth with Kong coming out with a few breaks.  Our zone did come away with a few forced D’s but for the most part Kong was able to work it down the field effectively.  I believe the score was 8-6 at half.  Second half more of the same with pretty solid play from both teams with Kong winning 15-11.  Shout outs for Hungry Hydra’s Avatar for making a few nicely placed hucks.  A good layout score by Chicago and one of the best things I have seen in Ultimate in a while.  Chicago has the disc on the sideline about ten yards out from the end zone.  Clogging ensues and at some point Danny is sitting in the back of the end zone unmarked.  If you had followed Chicago’s eyes you would have been utterly fooled as he put up a no look OI flick to Danny for the score. 

Chicago.  Always doing something crazy.  Zone is not a bad move, by the way.  If you’ve seen the weather report, then you’ve seen that not only will there be rain, but there will be lots of wind.  20 – 30mph winds with possible gusts of up to 40mph.  In other words, it’s gonna be sucky, and zone could be the defense du jour.

Kong finishes 2-6 and will be the 6 seed, and Hungry Hydra finishes 4-3 and will take the 7 slot (barring some crazy upset by Sky Life over Skeeter tonight.)

The second game was a make-up game between Retro and Sky Life.  Here’s Doug Duquette of Sky Life:

RecapDougLike star-crossed lovers, Sky Life and Retro missed the chance to play one another due to rain. But this Wednesday, they finally got to answer the question: “What If?”

Sky Life came out sleepy, with defense lagging and offense struggling to play against zone. Retro converts on errors cleanly and makes some nice deep shots. Retro handily takes half 8-3 and it looks like rain is in the forecast for Sky Life.

But wait? Is that a light? Like a beacon of hope, “Chef Eth-“Ethan appears in the sky, flying impossibly high and landing with the disc. Again and again. Our defense responds to the the call — we start getting turns, and capitalize on them with strong, coordinated offense. Sky Life is breathing down Retro’s neck. The score is still in favor of Retro, but now it’s 13-11.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. Retro manages to close it out 15-12 with some excellent play all around. It was a fun game with good spirit, and great to get to play the game that got washed out. But we have to wonder — what if we had come out with that intensity in the first half of the game? Hopefully on Sunday we’ll find out.

Seems like we will.  With the win, Retro will finish 4-3 and secure the 8 seed.  Sky Life drops to 2-4 and will finish 9th, meaning they will play each other again in their first game on Sunday.  That’s assuming Sky Life doesn’t pull off the upset over Skeeter tonight.

The final game of the night was Rooks vs. Kapow! in a rematch.  Here’s Liverpool of Kapow!:

RecapDanielHThe rematch against Rooks was a highly-anticipated one for Kapow! We had had two weeks off due to a rain out and a bye, so we had a lot of pent-up energy ready to leave on the field. Throughout the game it became apparent that – although altogether too late in the season – this was a formative night for Kapow!. We finally had decent numbers (not too many, not too few) and everyone got a chance to shine.

Anyway, long story short, Kapow! managed to get the lead pretty quick, 5-2. Rooks had some great defensive plays, but they also had a lot of drops that killed them. Meanwhile it seemed like Kapow!’s offense was on fire, with short-and-quick passes coupled with nice long hucks (with the occasional flub). Every person on the field was being utilized it seemed, which was great. Shoutout to Ashley for always being open, and Rebekah for the cutest little celebration after getting a D in the Rook’s endzone. We took half at 8-5.

Although we maintained the lead, the second half was much more gritty and nail-biting. Kapow! started slowing down on offense, giving the Rook defense too much time to set up. As a result our offense got even slower… it’s a vicious cycle. The handlers panicked and made lots of bad throws. Sure we got a lot of great ones too, but before we knew it the score was 13-11 Kapow!, and we were struggling. It was about 10:20 at this point and we were wondering if the lights were going to go out at any moment.

Not unlike my skills in NBA Jam, Konrad – one of Konrad’s newer players – was Heating Up all night. He definitely ended the night On Fire, catching the most impossible catches, and getting all the D’s. He was our MVP. To that end, of course it was Konrad who finally caught the last two discs to end the game, winning Kapow’s first and only game of the regular 2016 Winter League season. To our surprise, out of all three games last night, we were the last ones still playing.

We’d like to thank Rooks for yet another great rivalrous game, and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

God, I loved NBA Jam.  I used to play that all the time at the arcade in Boston when I was in college.  I’m old enough to have played it when it first came out and it was one quarter per half.  Now I think it’s like 50 cents for every quarter.

Okay, so we have another recap of this one, from the Rooks side.  This is Cuda:

RecapCudaAs Butters and I rolled up to Balboa for the game, we noticed something was amiss- there were no lights. Thankfully we did not have to go searching among the masses in the darkness to find our team, for they found us and we huddled, and then decided someone should go tell Balboa to please share the lights Andy Bandit paid for. Thankfully someone else had this idea before me, and was already deep in negotiations by the time we got there (he got all lights turned on, and they were still on as of 10:30pm, Very good negotiating skills if I say so myself).

So we start the game against KaPow!, and they get the first two points, to which Rooks quickly matches with two of our own. But then KaPow! goes on a streak for a bit, I think getting up to 6 before we respond back with a streak of our own. I can’t quite remember all the fun and exciting things that happened in the first half, but I do remember Darkness pulling it out of bounds…. multiple times (he says he works out). Rooks have been a little scrambly these past couple weeks with our captain Colin M.I.A., but Hammy has been filling the role magnificently, centering the team. I believe KaPow! took half at 8-5, but I could be lying. I do remember that Rooks had a lot of drops in the end zone. There was this one point, where not once, not twice, but three times was the disc thrown to a Rooks receiver in the end zone, and not once, not twice, but three times did we not score. KaPow! scored though.

What really matters is that Rooks came back in the second half, but only after KaPow! went on a run to 11. But then we started keeping a force, and keeping it chilly and passing it up the field for some solid scores. Luigi and THE CLAW had some great give-and-go plays up the field for a stretch there, and Jordan had this one amazing play where she just got fed up with everyone and ran deep and gracefully caught it in the end zone, not at all phased by the defender behind her. Oh! I remember what happened in the first half! Eok was the definition of saving our asses, multiple times coming from out of nowhere to catch a disc that was going to no one, and making some incredible D’s in the end zone (God bless Eok). THE CLAW was also being a beast on defense, making D’s in the end zone that everyone else had lost hope on. Both guys had a really good game.

Back to the second half- so Rooks got on a comeback train, and we were chugging along. Kalle throwing deep shots that were placed just right with some float for Rooks to run them down (good job Butters), and Miah being a clutch handler by being in the right place at the right time, and getting multiple assists. It got to somewhere around 14-11 (Rooks still down, but not out), when some collisions were happening, there were some questions about what counts as a disc being down, what counts as a stall, etc. I will say that KaPow! had this one super classy player, who refused to make a call (that was questionable- arguments could have been made for both sides) because he didn’t want to win on a sour note. Good spirit mate, and as we all know, the disc never lies. It was getting down to the wire, the score was 14-13, and it was well past 10 o’clock now, and the lights were still on. THE CLAW was getting nervous because he had to go pick up a friend from the airport, but Rooks stay together and made other people wait for the game to end. In a classic play by KaPow!, they threw a deep shot to the one guy not wearing orange, and he caught it for the win. This guy had been scoring points all night for KaPow! like this, and Rooks just could not shut him down.

Thus the Rooks have fallen, and are only able to match our record from last year. But don’t you worry, because as fate would have it, we play KaPow! first thing Sunday morning, at 10 o’clock sharp (or not sharp, since we all run on frisbee time).

Yep, all that is true.  Don’t even need to comment.  Except that I love the Claw made his friend wait at the airport until the game ended.  That’s teamwork.  I hope he was picking him up in Burbank, and not LAX.

Cuda also provided this Rooks selfie.  She said: “ I am not sure if you can tell, but Luigi is not wearing his pants in this photo.”



The final games of the season are tonight.  There’s still a couple positions up for grabs when Marshall (4-2) plays a rematch against Dumbledore’s Army (3-3).  They played each other in the first week and Marshall won 15-12.

Skeeter (4-2) also plays Sky Life (2-4).  They have never met.  And unless there’s an upset here, that result won’t change the standings.

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