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LA Player Invents Throw, Gets into Ultimate Hall of Fame

Dec 7th, 2015 | By | Category: Articles


Rich “Gags” Gallagher (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Rich burst onto the Ultimate scene in 1981, when, as a first year player, he emerged as a major contributor to the Santa Barbara Condors National Championship team. After graduating from UCSB, Rich moved to Los Angeles to start his own software company. While evolving into one of the game’s top handlers, Rich was the centerpiece of a multi-year effort to develop a top-level Open Club team in Los Angeles. In 1987, Rich and Polo Club finally broke through to become the first from Los Angeles to ever qualify for Nationals. This team, later named Iguana, showcased Rich as its primary disc handler and reached its pinnacle between 1989 and 1991, finishing as a semi-finalist, finalist, and semi-finalist at Nationals during those three years. Rich was regarded as having one of the most accurate and powerful forehand throws and is widely recognized as the first proficient thrower of what is now called a Scoober. His dominance, skill, and poise in the backfield were displayed at the 1990 Nationals championship finals, where he completed an astounding 93 of 94 pass attempts. During his playing career, Rich was held in the highest regard by competitors and teammates for his integrity and embodiment of Spirit of the Game.

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  1. im confused by the title, did he invent it the scoober or was he the first to be good at it? Any idea when it got the name scoober or what it was called before that?

  2. It was called the Gag or Gags I’ve seen also. So originally it WAS named after him. Not sure how it went from that to Scoober.

  3. acccccckkkk, a thrown named after yourself, way to leave a mark, too bad it didnt stick. gags isnt a bad name for it.

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