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LAOUT & Aviators Relationship Survey

Feb 15th, 2018 | By | Category: Pro Leagues, Survey
Recently, a group of players around the country have organized a boycott against the AUDL for not providing equal opportunities for women to play in professional Ultimate.  They have signatures from over 800 people, including many AUDL players.  And this has caused LAOUT to re-think where we stand with the local pro team, the Aviators.  Prior to this year, we’ve promoted each other’s events.  LAOUT has promoted Aviators games, and the Aviators have had a LAOUT Summer League night.
This survey is intended for Los Angeles Ultimate community members to express opinions about what (if any) relationship the non-profit leadership organization (LAOUT & SCYU by proxy) should have with the for-profit professional ultimate team (Los Angeles Aviators). This survey is anonymous but if you would like to share your contact information for further discussion or involvement, please do! We thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts! Please complete this survey by Wednesday, February 21st at 5pm.

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