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Dec 12th, 2017 | By | Category: Articles

Last year we started a new LAOUT Membership model.  Membership has many privileges, and if you play it right, it won’t end up costing you a thing.

Base membership is $25.  But it’s $15 if you’re under 23 at the time you sign up.  You’ll get $5 off for each of the 4 LAOUT leagues throughout the season (Winter, Men’s Beach or Women’s in the Spring, Summer & Fall Beach) & St. Pat’s Hat.  If you sign up for all 5, Membership just paid for itself!!!
But on top of that you get a whole bunch of cool things:
  • A LAOUT mug
  • LAOUT stickers
  • The option to enroll for the “sub list” and play more ultimate for free when others can’t make a game
  • A vote in LAOUT elections
  • The LAOUT Newsletter
  • Priority to upcoming LAOUT events, and sometimes even discounts.
  • Investing in a community you love and want to thrive
Membership also helps us to show how robust our community is which can really help when trying to access fields or even to get new parks built.
To become a member, click on this link.  You will also see this link when you sign up for Winter League this year.  And you can also sign up at the LAOUT Award Banquet on Saturday, January 6 at 7PM at Frogtown Brewery.
Thanks everyone,
The LAOUT team

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