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Click here for a link to the pdf registration file.

Email questions to Goat at LABeachUltimate@gmail.com

Use the above form for Adult team and youth individual/team registration. We will have a free agent page up soon for adults looking for a team.
Since we’re working with the City of Santa Monica this year, things are a bit different. But stick with me and we’ll get through it together.
Please fill out the PDF registration form and turn in to the City of Santa Monica. It’s pretty straight forward, but if you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll help you out.
1. Registration closes Friday, Oct. 1st, league starts Sunday, Oct 17th @ 10am.
2. Please email Goat your rosters. Players may only be on one team. Money will only be paid to the city of Santa Monica.
3. At the top, where it says Team/Player Name: this should be the team name. (The player name is for the youth league players who sign up as individuals)
4. You can pay by check or credit card. You don’t have to fill out your credit card information, you can call the city and give it to them over the phone. I do not have the phone number you will need to call yet, but I’ll pass it along when I get it.
5. Teams need 4M/4W to register. You can add players through the 2nd week of the league, and after that only replace players due to injury.
6. Each player will need to sign a waiver. Most likely these will be at the beach the first day (I’ll let you know if I get them sooner).
7. You MUST put your roster on the attached PDF form, but it would help us out greatly if you also created it in Excel.
Looking forward to our 6th great season on the beach

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  1. Hi my name is Don I just moved out here from Illinois and I’m looking to play some competitive ultimate and need a team to play on. I have 4 years of college experience playing for Illinois State University and just graduated.

    is anyone looking for a player?… I’m pretty good with handles but mostly played as a cutter which is more of my specialty because of my quickness.

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