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If you’re looking for a team, you can list yourself as a free agent in the ‘comments’ section below. You must be logged in to do so.  List: Name, Gender, experience on the beach, skill level, don’t forget to leave a contact email address.

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  1. I’d like to play on a team this beach league. I’m pretty new in town but I am very experienced and played coed summer league on Seth and AJ’s team Castle Greyskull, mostly as a handler.
    Name: Clifton Manahan
    Gender: Male
    Beach Experience: Medium
    Skill Level: High
    email: clifton.manahan@gmail.com

  2. I’m definitely interested in playing on a Beach League team. I live in Santa Monica. I’ve played tons of pick up and on a couple leagues in Florida. Looking forward to playing! =D

    Name: Jeff
    Gender: Male
    Beach Experience: A couple times, nothing super organized.
    Skill Level: Medium-ish
    E-Mail: megivern@usc.edu

  3. hi I am interested to playing in some beach league team… ( I really want !!!!:-))
    I live in west holiwood .. normaly I’ve played on grass but I did some beach tournament as well.. ( I played for last 8 years)

    name : stepan
    gender: M
    Beach Experience: Played a few times, mostly grass
    Skill level: medium (who knows)
    e-mail: stoman@centrum.cz

  4. Moved to LA about two months ago from San Francisco and would love to pick up onto a beach team for the fall league. Played lots of beach and would love to get out and play league here in southern california. Familiar with sand and all of its joys.

    Names: Peter Boumenot
    Sex: Male
    Beach Experience: lei-out not my first rodeo
    Skill Level: Medium (Handler/Cutter)
    email: pbontheweb@gmail.com

  5. Hey all,
    I have recently moved back to LA. I am looking to play some ultimate. I have never really played beach ultimate but I play regular ultimate. I played in college.
    Name: Sherry Jung
    Gender: Female
    Beach Experience: Novice
    Skill: Intermediate
    email: sherryalison.jung@gmail.com

  6. Been around the block a bit – played a few paganello finals, a couple of
    top 8 finishes at lei-out and spent time playing at club nationals. I would
    like to play on the beach this fall, so looking for a fun team…

    Name: Mark Miller
    Gender: Male
    Beach Experience: Lots
    Skill: Pretty Good – the occasional bad decision, likes exciting plays.
    email: mr.markamiller_nospam @ gmail.com – btw – remove the “_nospam” and spaces.

  7. Coming back from an injured shoulder, but hopefully I’ll be ready to go by league time. If anyone is looking for a little size, I’d love to play.
    Name: Jacob Kuiper
    Gender: Male
    Beach Experience: Some
    Skill: Intermediate(?)
    email: Jake.Kuiper@gmail.com

  8. Love to join a team for beach league.
    Thanks, Ying

    Gender: Female
    Beach Experience: Intermediate
    Skill: Intermediate
    email: yharmyofme@yahoo.com

  9. Started playing again about six months ago after a few years off. Looking for a fun team to enjoy my first beach league with.

    Names:William Morris
    Sex: Male
    Beach Experience: You can play ultimate on a beach
    Skill Level: Medium
    email: w.morris2@hotmail.com

  10. Looking for a fun beach league team.



    Gender: Male
    Beach Experience: Intermediate : played in beach leagues/tourney’s before
    Skill: Intermediate
    email: max@millsmedia.org

  11. Hey, I’m looking for a team for beach league! Played women’s league and summer league in LA this year, played on the east coast in college.

    Name: Jaime Kalenik
    Gender: Female
    Beach Experience: Intermediate
    Skill: Intermediate
    email: jaimekalenik@gmail.com

  12. Single male likes long walks on the beach and eating sand.

    Name: Michael Hsu
    Gender: Male
    Beach Experience: Played in Long Beach sort of regularly for a couple years. A couple beach tourneys.
    Skill: Intermediate.
    Email: mike.hsu@gmail.com

  13. pick me!
    limited beach experience
    average skill
    mostly concerned with some fun on the beach and less about winning


  14. Free Agent Looking for Team-

    *Jason Joyce
    *Experience in beach football, but not yet ultimate
    *Played on and off for University of Wyoming club ultimate team

    I recently moved to the LA area and am looking to get more involved in the sports community. I played lacrosse in college, then also intramural basketball, softball, and football, and have been playing all the aforementioned in city leagues since I graduated from the University of Wyoming last May.

    List: Name, Gender, experience on the beach, skill level, don’t forget to leave a contact email address.

  15. I’m hoping it isn’t too late to get on a team! Are you a fun team in need of a female player?
    -Admittedly, no beach experience
    -Two years of league experience (admittedly on a C/D-level clique team)
    -Skill: Still amateuristic, but I love meeting new people!


  16. Hi all, I’d love to join a beach team for this season!

    Name: Debra Wunch
    Gender: F
    experience on the beach: a couple of years of beach league before I hurt my shoulder – feels much better now, though!
    skill level: intermediate (lefty handler)
    contact email address: dwunch .at. caltech .dot. edu

  17. I want to join a team!!!

    Name: Frank Eybsen
    Gender: M
    experience on the beach: I play volleyball once a week – but as far as disc, I’ve only played in grass games.
    skill level: intermediate – played handler in college but am more than willing to use my 6’2 height to grab some passes in the end zone!
    contact email address: frank@audiomuffin.com

  18. Hi!

    I just moved to LA from Canada. Ive been playing ultimate for 7 years (coed and womens leagues) and would love to experience some Beach Ultimate!

    Name: Anna Taylor
    Gender: F
    beach experience: Newbie
    skill: intermediate
    contact: amw.taylor@gmail.com

  19. Hi my name is Don I just moved out here from Illinois and I’m looking to play some competitive ultimate and need a team to play on. I have 4 years of college experience playing for Illinois State University and just graduated. I am pretty good with handles but cutter is my specialty. I am an endurance player
    Name: Don Macatangay
    Gender: Male
    Beach Experience: Medium
    Skill Level: medium high
    email: dondon3988@gmail.com

  20. I dig playing with chicks. I played on the womens team at u of illinois and we did make it to nationals one year thank you very much. But that was years ago. I just moved to sunny west LA from Chicago a month ago. I’m short but I like playing long and a handler. I mostly like the competition, running, jumping, catching, and jumping.
    Name: Sarah Marie Leone
    Gender: Female
    Beach Experience: 2 years at sandblast summer tourny in Chicago
    Skill Level: interhigh
    email: sarah.m.leone@gmail.com

  21. Hey guys,

    If FA’s are still being taken sign me up. I took last year off but played a bit during Beach League 08. I’m tall and fast, but I haven’t been playing much in the past year or so due to a new job. Trying to get back on the wagon (and much to my surprise I’m actually in decent shape after a year away). Just moved back from Catalina for the winter and I’d love to get on a team.

    Name: Dennis Ellis
    Gender: Male
    Beach Experience: A few years at Wildwood, off and on beach pick up, 08 Winter League and 09 LB Hat Tourney.
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    email: MdennisEllis@gmail.com

  22. i really would like to be more competitive in Frisbee. i have been playing with the Whittier college team for over a year now and have become a major influence on that field. i am most commonly a receiver and a long range handler.(i got the long bomb)

    i have never played by the complete set of rules so i will need a rundown on that but i am a fast learner, and have been an athlete all my life in many different sports

    name- ryan”sparrow” catino
    gender- male
    beach experience- (im a lifeguard all i do is run on the beach) very high
    skill level- medium-high(need some handling work)

  23. rcatino@gmail.com

  24. Hey All,
    Looking for some Female Players for a Winter league Team. Got a good group of fun, talented players. If you are a woman of any skill level and want to join the squad, email Ben (Webster/BCE) at benctv@gmail.com….

  25. Hey guys, looking for Male and Female players to fill out a Winter League team roster.
    Ideally we would play winter league together and keep the party going for local tourneys and future winter leagues.

    Email me if you like frisbee, and fun.
    email Mike @ mendreola@gmail.com

  26. Hi,

    My name is Joel. If anyone is looking for a free agent for winter league I would love to play. I have never played in an actual ultimate league but I have played a lot with my roommate who is has 2 year worth of experience in leagues. I have also played for my fraternity in intramurals. I would love to get into a real league and get better! =)

  27. Hi,

    My name is Joel. If anyone is looking for a free agent for winter league I would love to play. I have never played in an actual ultimate league but I have played a lot with my roommate who is has 2 year worth of experience in leagues. I have also played for my fraternity in intramurals. I would love to get into a real league and get better! =)

  28. Here is my email joel.stone.57@my.csun.edu

  29. well im kinda new to the game but im really good at it. i have a pretty good forearm, i could run, jump and catch anything and everything. im not afraid to sacrafice my body. beach league might be something new to me and it would be a great experiece for me.my name is Jay.

  30. you can email text or call me at 323 2449400 and penutty1@yahoo.com

  31. Anyone looking for a guy for Winter League. Played winter last year and summer this year


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