Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams



The tournament will be one day long.
Date: Sunday, Dec 5th.

There will be an ‘A’ Division tourney and a ‘B’ Division tourney (no crossover games).

– due weather possibilities we want to start as close to on time as possible.
– if a captain or team representative is not present at the captains meeting, that team will be assessed one point at that time and one additional point every 5 minutes there after off their first game
– captains meeting for the first round teams is at 8:45am
– first game at 9am
– captains meeting for the rest of the teams is at 10am
– second round starts at 10:30am
– Games are to 11, win by 2 to a point cap of 13 (10-10 puts you into the cap)

– The Finals (regular and beer bracket) are to 13, win by 2 to a point cap of 15 (12-12 puts you into the cap)

– Games will be 1 hour and 15 minutes long. After 1 hour, the soft cap will come on. This means you finish the point you are playing and play to a score of two points more than the highest score. If you are between points when the cap comes on, you play that point and then add
2. After 1 hour and 10 minutes, a hard cap will be in affect. This means you finish the point you are playing and whoever is ahead, wins. If you are between points and the score is within 1 point, you play that point (and one more if the score become tied as a result of that point).
– point cap trumps time cap. If the soft cap comes on when the score is 12-11 and the team ahead scores making it 13-11, the team with 13 wins.

– 1 time out per half, plus a floater. No time outs in the point (10-10) or time caps.
– Only players on your roster may play on your team.
– If you are caught playing with players not on your roster, your team will forfeit that game

– The bracket will be set up for all teams to play out all games

– Party to follow @ Rusty’s Surf Ranch on the Santa Monica Pier. It’s all open to all ages, so everyone can join us, even if you’re under 21.

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