Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Summer League 2010 Mens Schedule

Games are at Balboa, unless otherwise stated. Balboa games are from 8PM – 10:30PM. Games at Reseda and Oakwood Park in Venice are 8PM – 10PM.

The team in blue was the game winner.

green means the game was cancelled due to an unexpected catastrophic Los Angeles summer weather event

purple = tie

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
June 7-11 Ice v White Purple v Black Blue v Yellow Red v Green
June 14-18 VENICE Ice v Purple Black v Green White v Blue Red v Yellow
June 21-25 Black v Yellow

VENICE White v Red

Purple v Blue Ice v Green
June 28-July 1 White v Yellow Black v Red Purple v Green RESEDA Ice v Blue
July 6-9 White v Purple Ice v Red RESEDA Green v Yellow
to August 18)
VENICE Black v Blue
July 12-16 Ice v Yellow Purple v Red Green v Blue White v Black
July 19-23 Ice v Black White v Green

Red v Blue

Purple v Yellow
July 26-30 Ice v White Purple v Black Red v Green Blue v Yellow
August 2-6 Black v Green Red v Yellow Ice v Purple

White v Blue

August 9-13 Purple v Blue Ice v Green

White v Red

Black v Yellow
August 16-20 White v Purple

Ice v Red

VENICE Green v Yellow

Black v Blue Green v Yellow
(make-up game)

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