Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Free Agents

If you are a free agent looking to get on a team, go to the comment section below and include the following four things.

1) Name
2) Gender
3) Contact (email)
4) Years playing/years playing on beach

You may also want to include something to sell yourself, like “I’m really good at making Jello-shots” or “I will get drunk with you at the pub after games”, or “I’m cute and single”.

But that’s optional.

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  1. 1. Sherry Jung
    2. Female
    3. Sherryalison.jung@gmail.com
    4.years playing field 2 going on 3 years. years playing beach 1 year. (lei-out. beach league, st. pat’s)
    I am amazing at playing beer pong and playing ultimate with a beer in one hand!

  2. 1. Patrick Ross
    2. Male
    3. paross20@gmail.com
    4. 3 years experience – college. 2 years beach (wildwood!)

  3. 1. Bryan Williams
    2. Manly
    3. bnwilliams@ucla.edu
    4. 5 years (college, 2 year hiatus, this year) on grass, relatively noobish at beach (played @ St. Pat’s Hat)

    I will go hard to win games and/or the party. However, Andy Bandit is not allowed with 50 yards of me if he’s carrying a bucket of alcohol.

  4. Justin Resnick (Rez)
    7 years field, 5 years beach (Chicago Sandblast and Wildwood)

    At Wildwood, I bring a bag of cheap single-shooters as the “Spirit Award Grab-bag” for the other team and we heckle them until they chug. Hoping to continue such traditions. Looking to play A.

  5. Eli Beck-Gifford
    Played my first league game in Colorado when I was 14. Since then, I’ve played club in high school and pick up in college. I haven’t played in an ultimate league for a while, but I stay pretty fit playing in a soccer league at SM airport. Our season doesn’t start up till March so I’m looking to get back into Ultimate. PLLLLEEEAASE PICK ME!

  6. 1. Ed Wu
    2. Male
    3. edwu32588@gmail.com
    4. I just moved to LA but I have 5 years of playing experiece. Played for Indiana University Hoosiermama?s for 5 years. Captained my last 2 years. Went to College Nationals my freshman year. Played club with Skeetpocalypse and Mad Cow. Went to Club Nationals in 2010 with Mad Cow. Played some tournaments with Downtown Brown. Played at Wildwood for 2 years. I’m a quick handler and like to huck it. Pick me up plzzzzz!!

  7. 1. Shaun Murphy
    2. Male
    3. shauntmurphy@gmail.com
    4. About 6 on grass and none on beach…. I’m really good at drinking though!

  8. 1) Gary
    2) male
    3) gpemolano@gmail.com
    4) played for UC Santa Cruz last 3 years (just went to natties) played in the last 2 leiouts. will guarantee a spot in the championship game with Ariel Klevecz on the roster

  9. 1) Ari Klevecz
    2) Male
    3) arielklevecz@gmail.com
    4) 5 years at UCSC, and a few beach tournaments.

    Note: I come packaged with the one and only, Gary Molano, we are a fearsome duo with unprecedented shredding chemistry in the ultimate and drinking world. Do not pick us up if you enjoy losing.

  10. 1) Adam Sutherland
    2) Male
    3) acsutherland117@gmail.com
    4) 1 year pick-up, 4 years college, club off and on, no beach leagues in Alabama

    I enjoy a frosty beverage from a 175 gram disc and I enjoy the deep cut…and people have told me I’m funny, but I may be shy at first.

  11. 1) Peter Chi
    2) Male
    3) peter.b.chi@gmail.com
    4) Starting playing in HS, then played for Michigan ’99-’03. I was a quintessential dump-and-swing handler on the D-line. Played 3 Wildwoods. Looking to play in the B league.

  12. 1) Pebbles
    2) Male
    3) itsmikhail@gmail.com
    4) 3yrs- Played with UCSD Air Squids. Looking to play A division.

  13. 1) Todd Van Osdol
    2) Male
    3) vanosdth@gmail.com
    4) 3 years off and on at Whitman College, 1 semester for Flatball at University of St Andrews, Scotland (lots of wind experience), 3 years in Fairbanks, AK (year-round).

    Just moved to Culver City from Fairbanks, AK this Summer. I may already be on a team, but not sure. Might have commited to a team a month ago or so. In any case, if you’re looking for someone to Huck, Bid, Pillage, and Burn… I’m your guy.

  14. 1.Michael Cotter
    4. playing since ’95. could probably make half the games, but would love to contribute to a team if they want fresh legs for a point here and there…

  15. 1) Cam McConnell
    2) 6’2″ Male
    3) cam.mcconnell@gmail.com
    4) 8 years playing, 6 years of open club experience, many sectionals and regionals. Minimal beach experience, but I think I can hold my own throwing 50/50 hammers into the wind.

    I just moved to LA, would love to find a fun, talented group to play and party with.

  16. 1) Charlie Mullin
    2) Male
    3) charliemullin@gmail.com
    4) Been playing since 1982 – not so much on the beach.

    BUT – my two kids are signed up to play in the Beach Youth League which plays right before the “grown ups” play. Since I’m going to be there anyway, why not put me on your team? (Also, the hoppier the beer, the better it is…)

  17. 1) Dan Perry
    2) Male
    3) danielzperry@gmail.comm
    4) 2 years of beach, lots on grass (12)

    If you want a tall beast I can fill that role. I am 6’5 and love to bid. I played for the Hungriest Hippos last year and got an All Star spot. I really just want to play.

  18. Also, my fiancee is baggaged with me.

    Her info
    1) Mallory Schumann
    2) Female
    3) danielzperry@gmail.com
    4) New to the game

    She is baggaged with Dan Perry. Athletic, but new to ultimate.

  19. Patrick Corn
    15 years experience on grass, and some on beach too

    Just moved here. Played at 5 or 6 straight Lei-Outs (even one in Malibu, way back when)–made quarters/semis/finals with Marmalade but never won one. Played Wildwood a couple months ago, but nothing beats the Santa Monica sand. All my life I played like a 35-year-old, and now I am one. Perfect!

  20. Just to clarify my earlier comment: I am not on a team and would REALLY like to play!

    1) Todd Van Osdol
    4)see above comment. Can’t wait to get sandy.

  21. 1) Jan Smogorzewski (nicknamed Jas, sounds like “Yash”)
    2) Male
    3) smogo30@gmail.com
    4) 4 years of grass, a few beach tourneys (huck it long beach)

    He’s cute but not single.

  22. 1) Ryan Flegal
    2) Male
    3) ryan@propertymix.com
    4) I’ve been playing ultimate about 15 years. Played summer league and winter league a few times. Played on the beach casually. Looking forward to a great time and some good hand blocks.

  23. 1. Kim Ryan
    2. Female
    3. ryan.kimberlyb@gmail.com
    4. 4 years college, 2 years WAFC, 2 years Wildwood, and LeiOut

  24. Oh yeah, and Kim Ryan is not awesome at beer pong, but very awesome at flip cup.

  25. 1) Liverpool
    2) Male
    3) henseldj@gmail.com
    4) 5 years

    I like long hucks on the beach

  26. 1,
    2. Female
    3. ashley_hovey@hotmail.com

  27. 1. Ashley Hovey
    2. female
    3. ashley_hovey@hotmail.com
    4. 8/5 beach tourneys

    Newish to LA so would love to meet some cool people

  28. 1) Adam Lane
    2) Male
    3) Cleland333@yahoo.com
    4) 11 ultimate/ .5 on beach

    can run as much as you want and will fill any position you want, even off the field.

  29. 1. Mason Elieff
    2. Male
    3. mason.elieff@gmail.com
    4. A couple years on grass

    Played baseball in college. Played some rugby in a 7s tournament on the sand. Dad played for the Condors in the late 70s so I’ve been playing here and there since I was little.

  30. Yaaaaa Baby!!
    I’m Katie I’m 23 from Chicago.
    Played club ultimate in college and some before – but been a couple years since I have played.
    I need to get back into it! I currently live in the Southbay but am willing to commute on sundays…
    Looking for a hot team!

  31. O i forgot my email! my_energy03@yahoo.com hit me up.

  32. 1) Jasmine Lim
    2) Female
    3) silverthread5@gmail.com
    4) Hey I’ve been playing for about 4 years now, learned mostly through pick up and played with UCLA Midas last 2 years. Love beach ultimate and laying out to eat sand. PLEASE PICK ME UP!

    I can play this Sunday and for the next 4 weeks (up to Nov 13th). See you on the field! Please. 🙂

  33. 1) Sam Swan
    2) Male
    3) swanst3@yahoo,com
    4) 6 years college and club/ 2 years on the beach

    Let me know! fairly fast, good endurance and can handle.


  34. O yeah

    Nick Name: Schwanananan
    I will drink heavily after games.
    I am cute
    I am single
    And Dance parties are dope.

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