Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams


Okay, let’s start with… my drawing skills suck.  I acknowledge that.

But here’s the breakdown essentially.

Start with the 405 Freeway south to the 101 Freeway, east to Laurel Canyon, south to Sunset Blvd., west to La Cienega Blvd, south to the 10 Freeway, east to the 110 freeway, and south to San Pedro.

This map was painstakingly created from the address list of Summer League to create the most balanced East / West dividing line.

In case it’s not insanely clear, if you live West of this line, you can play in games on the West Side.  And yadda yadda yadda East Side.  If there’s any confusion, like “what happens if I live ON La Cienega Blvd.?” consider yourself one of the lucky few you can pick which side you want to play on.  If there’s any other questions, ask me at andyb1414@yahoo.com

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  1. I know some pretty good homeless dudes that live under the 110 near USC. Which side of town are they on, would love to play with them. One of them can even break down his tent and turn it into a goaly kit for the east side, so please let us know.

  2. What side of the street does he camp out on? Northbound traffic, east side. Southbound traffic, west side.

  3. I live west of La Cienega by about 300 feet. Thank god. Go West siiiide

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