Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Restricted Player List

When creating teams for the Goaltimate League, you may not select more than five players from this list to be on your team.  Again, I reiterate, this is not meant to be a list of the 40 best players in the game.  It comes mostly from a list of players who’ve come to pick-up, or at least been invited to pick-up over the last three months.

Aaron Jacobs Corey Sanford Keegan Uhl Rhett Nichols
Alex Korb Ed Melo Krisztina Joseph Russell Gaskamp
Allen Lai Eric Brach Lauren Hill Ryan Reynolds
Andy Bandit Erika Swanson Martha Uhl Sam Regnier
Andy Sammons Evan Valdes Mary Ann Polityka Sarah Bullock
Brian Chen George Van Pelt Matt Hennessy Scott Mahr
Charles Agnello Greg Preston Matt Mihm Seth Gillum
Cheyanne Sammons Jeff Chai Nicole Copti Stephanie Jong
Chuck Kindred Joe Forbes Orin Moore Taiala Regnier
Chris Frost Katie Killebrew Remy Schor Toph Eggers

Please provide rosters to me by April 20th, which is the Wednesday before the first games.

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  1. Any east side ladies willing to play with a Burbank squad

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