Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams


Week One – Sunday, April 24, noon

Power House 3 – The Huck and Chuck Show 2
Team George 3 – The Eastsiders 0
Boobs and Balls 3 – Urban Bohemians 2
Full Boar 1 – Throat Punch 1

Week Two – Sunday, May 1, noon

Power House 3 –  Team George 0
The Eastsiders 3 – The Huck and Chuck Show 0
Boobs and Balls 3 – Throat Punch 0
Full Boar 3 – Urban Bohemians 1

Week Three – Sunday, May 8, noon

Power House 3 – The Eastsiders 0
Team George 3 – The Huck and Chuck Show 0
Boobs and Balls vs. Full Boar – Game cancelled
Throat Punch vs. Urban Bohemians – Game cancelled

Tournament – Sunday, May 15, 11AM, Luther Burbank Middle School

Quarter finals:

Boobs and Balls (E1) def. The Huck and Chuck Show (W4)
Team George (W2) def. Urban Bohemians (E3) via forfeit
Power House (W1) def. Throat Punch (E4)
The Eastsiders (W3) def. Fullboar (E2)

Semi Finals:

Boobs and Balls def. Team George
Power House def. The Eastsiders


Boobs and Balls def. Power House

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  1. 24th easter sunday?

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