Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Teams (with contacts)

West Side

1) Power House Р(contact Spike: russell.gaskamp@gmail.com)
2) The Eastsiders Р(contact Goat: mattycolch@gmail.com)
3) Team George – (contact George: gpvanpelt@yahoo.com)
4) The Huck and Chuck Show – (contact Hot Sauce: djschlabach@gmail.com)

East Side

1) Boobs and Balls – (contact Andy: andyb1414@yahoo.com)
2) Fullboar – (contact Babin: Teambabin1@charter.net)
3) Throat Punch – (contact Bofa: andysammons at gmail )
4) Urban Bohemians – (contact Biclops: meloed@gmail.com)

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