Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Co-ed Schedule

Games are at Balboa, unless otherwise stated. Balboa games are from 8PM – 10:30PM. Games at Reseda and Oakwood Park in Venice are 8PM – 10PM.

For games in Venice and Reseda, I italicized the teams that play there. It’s always going to be the teams listed under the words Venice or Reseda that play there.

The team in blue was the game winner.

green means the game was cancelled due to an unexpected catastrophic Los Angeles summer weather event

purple = tie

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
June 6-10 Black v Forest
Honey v Kelly
Indigo v Maple Peach v Ice
Navy v Blue
Grey v Red Pink v White
June 13-17 Honey v Indigo
Pink v Blue
Forest v Navy Ice v Red
Black v Peach
Kelly v Grey Maple v White
June 20-24 Black v Grey Forest v Blue Maple v Pink
Honey v Ice
Navy v Red
Peach v White
Kelly v Indigo
June 27-July 1 Honey v Forest
Black v Indigo
Maple v Navy
Kelly v Peach
Ice v Pink Grey v White
Red v Blue
July 4-8 Indigo v White
Maple v Ice
Forest v Pink Grey v Blue
Kelly v Red
Honey v Black
Navy v Peach
July 11-15 Kelly v Black
Honey v White
Forest v Maple
Indigo v Navy Pink v Grey Ice v Blue Peach v Red is postponed
July 18-22 Kelly v Navy
Peach v Blue
Forest v Ice
Indigo v Pink
Red v White
Honey v Grey
Black v Maple
July 25-29 Black v Pink
Navy v White
Indigo v Red Honey v Peach Maple v Blue Forest v Grey
Kelly v Ice
August 1-5 Kelly v Blue
Forest v Indigo
Ice v Grey
Honey v Navy
Maple v Red
Peach v Pink Black v White
August 8-12 Honey v Maple
Kelly v White
Pink v Red
Black v Blue Make-up
Peach v Red
Forest v Peach Navy v Ice
Indigo v Grey
August 15-19 Forest v Red Kelly v Maple
Navy v Grey
Black v Ice
Indigo v Peach
Honey v Pink
White v Blue

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  1. FYI, from the FAQ page, for those that are looking for the Tournament Schedule info:
    When and where is the tournament?

    The Tournament will be on Saturday, August 20 at Cal State Pomona, same as last year. The pool will be open! And I’ll try to book the party at the same location as last year.

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