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1) The ratings are the same as last year. But I’m betting you don’t remember what you put last year, so do your best. If this is your first Summer League, welcome. Enjoy the comprehensive rating system. They’re all on a 10-point scale, but different categories are weighted more than others for your overall score. Just in case you were interested in that sort of thing.

2) If you need to make changes after you’ve submitted this, please email me at andyb1414@yahoo.com to let me know. Cause if you just re-submit this form, it won’t let me know that.

3) For the ratings below, I just put numbers from 10-1. 10 being the best. If you need a Ratings Guide to help you, you should click HERE.

4) Try to fill in all fields. If something doesn’t apply to you, just put n/a.

5) Make sure to submit registration and THEN pay. Also, if you did it all correctly, it should say “Submission Successful” or something similar to that. If it doesn’t say that, then you may need to try again.

[league_form id=4]

Payment. There are two ways to pay. You can send a check, in the amount of $60.00, made out to LAOUT, to the following address:

Andy Bandit
11280 Huston St. #8
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Or you can simply click this button below. (It’ll say 2010 Registration but don’t worry about that.) I will confirm when I receive registration and payment. So if you don’t hear from me in a few days, please check with me.

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  1. I’m all registered. Can’t wait for games to start.


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