Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Team Articles

Every couple days, I’ll be releasing a new team for Summer League 2011. Feel free to enjoy these articles telling you a little bit about the history of each team name, from my skewed perspective.


BLACK – Black Hawk Down
BLUE – Deep Blue
FORREST – Forrest Gump
GREY – Grey Goose
HONEY – Killer Honey Bees
ICE – Ice Ice Baby
INDIGO – Indigo Girls
KELLY – Dylan and Kelly
MAPLE – Mapplethorpe (warning – contains sexual photos)
NAVY – McHale’s Navy
PEACH – Impeach Clinton
PINK – Pinky and the Brain
RED – Red Hot Chili Peppers
WHITE – White Ford Bronco


BLACK – Men in Black
BLUE – Little Blue Pill
BROWN – Brown & Williamson
GOLD – Dream Team Gold
GREEN – Green Day
PUMPKIN – Smashing Pumpkins
RED – Red Bull
WHITE – White Men Can’t Jump

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