Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams


In case you’re interested in following along with all the player changes that happen during the course of the year, here you go:

June 13 – Co-ed: Killer Honey Bees loses Todd Raphael, and replaces him with Andrew “Spaz” Grangaard

July 20 – Co-ed: Dylan and Kelly gets Hilary Egan since Ellie Beier is currently injured and they will lose Skyla Lambeth and Leah Dolan-Kelley for the tournament.

July 20 – Men’s: Smashing Pumpkins loses Justin Aguilar and Bill Kronholm, and replaces them with Miles Silverman.

July 21 – Co-ed: White Ford Bronco loses Jeff Voss, and will be without Carl Edwards at the tournament.  They are adding James Herbert.

August 2 – Co-ed: Mapplethorpe loses Emily Pearson and Skye Terebey.  They are replaced by Tiffany and Julia Wallace.

August 3 – Co-ed: Forrest Gump loses Therese “Sally” Landefeld and replaces her with Meghan “Rho” Kemp-Gee.

August 6 – Co-ed: Forrest Gump loses Tim Eby-McKenzie and replaces him with Don Macatangay

August 15 – Men’s: White Men Can’t Jump loses Corey Sanford and replaces him with Ryan “Trogdor” Hunt

August 15 – Co-ed: Ice Ice Baby loses Jordan “Fawkes” Gatti and replaces him with Felix Landerer

August 15 – Men’s: Men in Black loses Michael Cotter and replaces him with Mike Zurer

August 16 – Co-ed: Impeach Clinton loses Jorge Pastrana and replaces him with Sam Minor

August 16 – Co-ed: Dylan and Kelly loses Michael Marsella and Michael “Birn” Birnbryer and replace them with Brian Calle

August 16 – Co-ed: Red Hot Chili Peppers loses James Renfroe and replaces him with Trevor Smith

August 17 – Co-ed: Mapplethorpe loses Doug Duquette and replaces him with Daniel Kwok

August 17 – Co-ed: Indigo Girls loses Aaron Baum and replaces him with Mike Bell

August 17 – Co-ed: Grey Goose loses Keegan Uhl and Martha Uhl and replaces them with Jack Flintermann and Avery Reed

August 17 – Co-ed: Red Hot Chili Peppers loses Andy Dunn and Maggie Griffin and replaces them with Andrew “Box” McRae and Sarah Davis-Weyman

August 19 – Co-ed: Pinky and the Brain loses Jaime Kalenik and John “Shelty” Shelton and replaces them with Shinyi “Balls” Chen and Josh Gainer

August 19 – Co-ed: Forrest Gump loses Jeff “Killa J” Ross and replaces him with Patrick Adelstein

August 19 – Men’s: Red Bull loses Max Kaufman and replaces him with Devin Miller

August 19 – Men’s: Dream Team Gold loses Jesse “Jackal” Liang and replaces him with Jason Scheil

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