Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Free Agents

If you are a free agent looking to get on a team, go to the comment section below and include the following four things.

1) Name
2) Gender
3) Contact (email)
4) Preferred division if you have one (A, B, Open, just get me on the beach, I donโ€™t care who I score on)
5) Years playing/years playing on beach

You may also want to include something to sell yourself, like “I’m really good at making Jello-shots” or “I will get drunk with you at the pub after games”, or “I’m cute and single”.

But that’s optional.

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  1. 1) Paul Fleiner
    2) Male
    3) pfleiner@gmail.com
    4) Just get me on the beach.
    5) 7 years playing, 0 on beach

    My interests include beer and long hucks on the beach.

  2. 1) Christian Mikkelson
    2) Male
    3) camikkelson@gmail.com
    4) B, Open, Just get me on the beach
    5) 2 years playing, 1 tourney on beach

    I have an insatiable thirst for competition. Also I’m single.

  3. 1.) Rowen Chan
    2.) Male
    3.) rowen333@yahoo.com
    4.) Any will do


  4. 1) Charlie Mullin
    2) Male
    3) charliemullin@gmail.com
    4) Co-ed B or A
    5) 20+ years playing / 1 on the beach

  5. 1) Rowen Chan
    2) Male
    3) rowen333@yahoo.com
    4) A or B

    disregard previous comment, 1st time on the beach, so open would be a little harsh ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. 1) Katie Talay
    2) Female
    3) katietalay@gmail.com
    4) B
    5) 3yrs, one beach tourney

    I’ll cut for a hamer all day long!

  7. 1. Randy Sanchez
    2. Male
    3. ranchez61@yahoo.com
    4. B
    5. Won’t make many games, coming from the San Gabriel Valley
    6. Not a lot of beach, but enough, good windy throws. Great Grand Master’s

  8. 1. George Barrera
    2. Male
    3. jorbarrera@gmail.com
    4. Coed – Just get me on the beach
    5. 6+ years on the field / 1 tournament on the beach
    6. Experience playing in windy locations

  9. 1. David Canter
    2. Male
    3. davidcanter88@gmail.com
    4. I will play hard in any division!
    5. 6 years of playing (23 years old)

  10. 1) Ari Lucas
    2) M
    3) AriLucas@gmail.com
    4) Open
    5) Years playing: 5/ years playing on beach: 0 (but some experience from college spring break trips)

  11. 1. Chad Loethen
    2. M
    3. chadloethen@gmail.com
    4. Any will do but want the competitive edge.
    5. A couple years, athletic

    I bring it hard to the beach, win big, and relax a champion.

  12. 1) Molly Leung
    2) F
    3) mmleung13@hotmail.com
    4) B? basically I like to win, but I also like to joke around.
    5) 5 years of field, never played on the beach

    I bake some pretty mean lemon bars.

  13. 1. Dan Curran
    2. Male
    3. dankcurran@gmail.com
    4. Coed
    5. 4 years in college 3 years in league/ went to Wildwood once.

  14. 1. Jamie MacPherson
    2. Female
    3. Jamie.MacPherson.702@gmail.com
    4. Preferably B but I just want to play
    5. 6 years on and off playing, 3 of those years in college, have played 3-4 beach tourneys and many beach pick up games.

    I have two passions in life, and one of them is ultimate. If you want to know the other one you’ll have to ask me on field ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. 1) Brian “Chicago” Leung
    2) Male
    3) Brianleung10@gmail.com
    4) A, B, Open
    5) 4 Years playing/ 1 year playing on beach

    Put me in coach!

  16. 1) Katy Stanton
    2) Female
    3) katy.stanton@gmail.com
    4) A, preferably, but B is good too!
    5) 10 years/three beach tourneys (Sandblast in Chicago)…just moved from WI where we don’t have beaches or weather in which you can play on beaches (only kind of kidding).

    Really looking forward to playing frisbee on the beach in the winter. Those three things have never coincided for me before. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. 1) Eric MacLeod
    2) Male
    3) ericmmacleod@gmail.com
    4) Open preferred or A
    5) 10 years / 0 on the beach

    Does registration include a free t-shirt?

  18. 1) John Souther
    2) Male
    3) john.souther@gmail.com
    4) B Division
    5) 5 years Experience but haven’t played for a while / 0 on beach

    Just moved to LA. Excited to get back into the game.

  19. 1.) Todd Van Osdol
    2.) Male
    3.) vanosdth@gmail.com
    4.) Coed or Open
    5.) 7 years, Whitman Sweets, St. Andrew’s University Flatball, numerous tournies across Alaska and Hawaii. 2 yrs of beach.

    Looking for a team that enjoys breakside scores, sideline heckling, and post-game beermosas and bloodies served ice-cold in a Nalgene.

  20. 1) Greg Morrone
    2) Male
    3) gregmorrone@gmail.com
    4) A or B, but I’ll do Open if they’re filled up
    5) 9 yrs experience (college & club), 1 beach tourney/year since ’04 (Wildwood)

    I’m toilet trained, love to run, cut hard and layout for everything (especially on D), and have an extremely functional liver which I like to exercise…wayy too much.

  21. 1) Abe Jacobs
    2) Male
    3) abejacobs9@gmail.com
    4) A, B, Open
    5) 4 years college, 2 years club

    I love the Beach and Frisbees. Nice!

    I also have a good friend who wants to play as well so if anybody needs 2 players we are your guys!!!

  22. 1) evan ‘eyore’ valdรฉs
    2) Man
    3) evan.valdes@gmail.com
    4) a
    5) 5.75 / 3.012

  23. 1.) Luke Mitchell
    2.) male
    3.) lukemitchell9@yahoo.com
    4.) B, A, open
    5.) wildwood a couple times

  24. correction ** lukemitchell9@HOTMAIL.com

  25. correction of comment #22:
    4) any of a, b, open

  26. 1) Allie Hock
    2) Female
    3) hockallie@gmail.com
    4) just get me on the beach
    5) 6/0 (no beaches in MI)

    Recent college grad/transplant to LA. Ran xc/track at Michigan State.

    Irrationally competitive. Lover of running and giver of smiles.

  27. 1. Jacob “Challah” Weiss
    2. Male
    3. jacob.m.weiss@gmail.com
    4. just get me to the beach
    5. 6 years of playing, 2 years on the Beach (RIP, Robot Frisbee!), 1 Lei-out tourney

    ***NOTE*** I’m training for a 1/2 marathon in Santa Barbara and will be available for the second half of the season, after the first week of November

    ***SIDE NOTE***I’ll bring Weiss Cream (read: home made ice cream) for my teammates to enjoy post-game. So if flavors like tequila-infused key lime pie, Guinness Chocolate, or Strawberry Balsamic sound tasty, let’s make this happen.

  28. 1. Name: King Hippo
    2. From Hippo Island, South Pacific
    3. Age: ??
    4. Weight: ???

  29. 1) Brad Weyers
    2) Male
    3) sendbradjunk@gmail.com
    4) Preferred division: just get me on the beach
    5) 10 Years playing/ 6 years playing on beach

  30. 1) Jeremy Ziskind
    2) Male
    3) jziskind@gmail.com
    4) Just get me on the beach
    5) 9 years playing / 3 Lei-Outs attended

  31. 1) Mike Margala
    2) Male
    3) mtmargala@gmail.com
    4) A, B, Open
    5) 4 lei-outs and a SD spring league

  32. 1) Jenny
    2) F
    3) icjennikins@yahoo.com
    4) just get me on the beach!
    5) 5 years grass, 1 lei-out and 1 beach season

  33. 1) Andrew
    3) jmoore2343@ymail.com
    4) B team or open just get me on the beach please
    5) 5 years grass and 3 years beach

  34. 1) Stefanie
    2) Female
    3) Stefanie.B.Kramer@gmail.com
    4)just get me on the beach
    5) 2 years on grass/ some pick games on beach

  35. 1) Damon “Method Man” Alexander
    2) Male
    3) d.alexander6@gmail.com
    4) Anything!
    5) I’ve played grass for ~7 years and beach for a few, was in A beach last fall. I have minimal club experience.

    I am happy playing D line so you can focus all your energy on sweet full field upwind scoobers.

  36. 1) saus
    2) male
    3) kevin.balas@gmail.com
    4) Preferred division if you have one (A)
    5) Years playing (11?)/years playing on beach (5 ish)

    Destined for a new team each year apparently. Hoping to play A again, but would probably be open to something else.

  37. 1) Spaz
    2) Mail
    3) granny at gmail dot com
    4) “just get me on the beach, I donโ€™t care who I score on”. Willing to captain a free-agent squad.
    5) 20-12

    Lefty, handler, sweet, fun. Local and can make most games.

    I really missed beach league last year.

  38. Freeagent for beach leauge
    1) Beverly, formerly of Ampersand &.
    2) Female
    3) barnum22@hotmail.com
    4) just get me on the beach, I donโ€™t care who I score on
    5) more than a decade……

    Willing to huck for playtime. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sadly my schedule is very fluid, I can only commit to being around for 30-40% of games, and hope that I can be there for more.


  39. 1) Bowdy (like bodhi)
    2) Male
    3) bowdence@me.com
    4) A
    5) 15 years

    I will catch your frisbee. Let’s toss in the ocean afterwards.

  40. 1) Ellen
    2) Female
    3) emulholland88@gmail.com
    4) B
    5) 3 years grass / 0 beach

    I just moved here, but realized I was too late to register with a team…I’m super keen to play, any takers?

  41. 1) Sam
    2) Male
    3) sam.breslin@gmail.com
    4) I’m not sure what the difference between A or B is but whichever one is more relaxed but still competitive?
    5) 6 years playing/a few beach tournaments (including Wildwood!)

    I can beatbox when you’re waiting to receive on offense to improve team swagger

  42. 1)Mike Cutno
    2) Male
    3) Mikecutno@gmail.com
    4) I just want to play
    5) casually 10 years, I’m really fast (sand or grass) and I can catch. I’m good on offense and defense. I’m ready to play this Sunday (10/21) and the rest of them as well. Thanks!

  43. 1) Tami
    2) Female
    3) tmcdunn@gmail.com
    4) B
    5) 5 summers of Ann Arbor summer league, 5 tournaments – all field. No beach

    New to the area. Tall. Runner. Cute. Single. Looking forward to ultimate on the beach! Let me know if you need a pickup for a game or the rest of the season!

  44. 1) Elizabeth Gilbert Malis
    2) Female
    3) elizabeth@seetheglobe.com
    4) Any
    5) I’ve played for a long time, some beach.

    I’m tall. I catch well (usually play a long on the field), am very rarely scored on and I play pretty consistently when playing competitively. It turns out beach league decimated my regular Sunday Hermosa pickup game so I’m looking to pick up with a team at this late date.

  45. I realize I’m a little bit late with this, but if anyone is still looking for ladies:

    1) Erin Childs
    2) Female
    3) eschilds at gmail dot com
    4) Just get me on dat beach
    5) 5 yrs on grass\ a couple of tournaments on the beach

    I played with Viva (Revolution reborn) this summer. I do make great Jello shots and am more than willing to get drunk after games. I will bake you cookies if you can get me on the field.

  46. I guess I’m on ultimate Ultimate time…

    1) Jane Carlen
    2) Female
    3) jane.carlen at gmail
    4) Prefer A, but whatever you’ve got
    5) 8 years…I think?

    Have played club for few years (most recently Schwa, Portland OR womens team). Can handle or cut. I will lay out for anything on beach. I will not make you cookies like Erin Childs. I will lay out to steal a cookie for you. I’d be happy to join a team or be a sub from time to time. Just email. Hooray!

  47. 1) Patrick Hart
    2) Male
    3) patrickhart11@gmail.com
    4) A, or open, or B!
    5) Years playing โ€“ 15 / years playing on beach โ€“ five in miami, and the last two I played in the beach league in Montreal (it is indoors in a warehouse in the middle of winter!!). i’m 28.

    Hello! I am visiting LA for the next month, and i would LOVE to play some beach frisbee while i am here! I just arrived, and am in town for the next 3 games, so if you need a pickup for the rest of the season, or just for a game, please let me know. I’m in town from Montreal, so your pickup will make all my canuck frisbee friends super-jealous. Thanks!

  48. 1) Henry Hor
    2) Male
    3) henryhor242@gmail.com
    4) A, B, Open
    5) 2 years

  49. Free agent for grass league in Los Angeles.

    1. Albert Ramirez
    2. Male
    3. crazylegs311@hotmail.com
    4. any league as long as games are on Saturday or Sunday
    5.I have played pick-up games from time-to-time.
    I would like to join a team who is in it for the sport. I am an easy going guy who is looking for a fun workout. I am a team player and again I am looking to have fun. The only information I will need is what days, what time, and where the games are played because of my work schedule. I do not want to commit to a team unless I know I can make it.

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