Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Goaltimate League 2012

Grassroots Goaltimate League is back with a vengeance.

East side teams in one division and West side teams in the other division. You play only the teams in your own division in the regular season, and everyone plays in the tournament on Sunday, May 20th at a field location on the West side this year (Balboa’ish).

The league will run on these Sundays:

April 15th
April 22nd
April 29th
May 13th
May 20th (Tournament)

The default time for games is noon. But captains can move the times of games if they want – depending on the availability of the Goaltimate kits. (I know Spike, Keegan, Goat, AJ and Babin have kits)

Rules for forming a team:
1) East Side teams can only have players who live on the East Side of Los Angeles by April 24th. And West Side teams can only have players (get ready, this is gonna blow your mind) who live on the West Side of Los Angeles by April 24th. Click here for the official Goaltimate East/West dividing line.
1A) There’s one caveat to rule 1. You can have one out-of-division player on your team.
2) There is a cap of 9 players allowed per team.
3) There must be at least one female on the field at all times. That’s the only female rule there is.

The 10 Easy Rules of Goaltimate:

  1. Teams play 4 v 4, with hockey style subbing (An incoming player must tag hands of a player coming off before they can engage in play)
  2. Stall count of 5 and can be counted by any person on the field. The closest person counting takes precedence. Don’t be a jerk and count every time someone has the disc.
  3. 1 point is awarded for a completed pass that travels through the hoop and is caught in the end zone by your teammate, 2 points are awarded if the disc is throw from behind the 2 point line.
  4. Whenever a turnover happens, the possession changes, and the new offensive team must ‘clear’ the disc by taking it past the clear line, and can then attack the goal
  5. “Make it take it” rules apply, so if you score – your team must clear the disc and then you can attack again
  6. The disc can only go through the hoop in 1 direction, if you throw it through backwards (from behind the hoop, towards the clear line) – it’s a turnover (no ‘newbie rule’ for first time offenses)
  7. Setting Static picks is legal (think basketball)
  8. Goaltending is not allowed. You must be guarding a person. If that person is hanging out in the goal – then you can ‘tend all you want.
  9. Games are played to 5 (hard capped). Teams play a best of 5 game series to determine the outcome of a match. Each team has 3 time outs per match. Time outs last 2 minutes. There is an ‘officials timeout’ after a team scores 5, with that team retaining possession at the start of the next game. At the start of any game, the disc is checked in behind the clear line.
  10. Reaching thru the goal to throw a score is considered a travel. Catching a goal, with both feet in the endzone, is a score if you pull the disc through. If the disc hits the goal on it’s way through, it is not a score, but possession is maintained.

For the purposes of this league, as mentioned in rule 9, each weekend you play a MATCH, which is a best of 5 GAMES. So first to 5 points wins a game. First to win 3 games wins the match.

Your team is awarded a League Point for every game you win. So, for example, if Team A beats Team B 3 games to 1, Team A is rewarded 3 League Points, and Team B is rewarded 1 League Point. If you shut out a team 3 games to nothing, you get an additional 4th League Point.

To submit a bid, send an email with Captain’s name and team name to lagoaltimate (at) gmail (dot) com
Team bids are $90 (to cover the tourney location costs).

Rosters need to be finalized (and emailed) by April 8th.

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  1. I’d love to play, when teams start forming text me or something. 818-605-3936

  2. Are there are any regular pickup games on the west side?

  3. @Mike_Z There aren’t any regularly scheduled pickup games on the west side, but there are a few of us with kits that put together games on weekends we are around (have probably been 6-8 games over the last few months). send me an email at lagoaltimate (at) gmail (dot) com and i’ll let you know if there’s another one before the league starts

  4. @sbendik i’m creating a free agent’s page for people to leave info at, post your info there.

  5. At which field are the east side games going to be played?

  6. @ ackbar The East Side captains will decide which fields to play on. (sorry, no definitive answer yet)

  7. is the east side full?

  8. there is a sunday Goaltimate pick up in Burbank Ralph foy park 11:30 am

  9. @Babin sent you an email. there’s still a spot left on the east side. Registration ends next Sunday.

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