Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Free Agents

Want to play Goaltimate, but don’t have a squad of 8 others to submit a bid? Post a comment here with this info:

Region (east/west)
Goalty Experience (1-10)
Email addy

You may also want to include other fun information about yourself in the form of a haiku.

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  1. David Reed
    East (Burbank)
    goalty Exp. 2-3? (played a couple times with Babin and his gang before some pick-up. Got the hang of it pretty quickly, want to play more.)

    good ulti player
    solid athletic cutter
    love John Cusack films

  2. Randy Sanchez
    Male 50+
    Goalty exp 3
    I don’t turn the disco over, good short game, hard mark.

  3. if its not too late i am interested in playing. Live in Burbank, solid ult player, never played goalty.

    Dude thats 6 foot 1
    Tall and fast counts big for some
    Plays hard and has fun


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