Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Summer League 2012

Summer League is back.  This year the theme is the Aughts.  2000-2009.

Co-ed Rosters – – – – – Men’s Rosters
Co-ed Schedule – – – – – Men’s Schedule
Co-ed Scores – – – – – Men’s Scores
Co-ed Standings – – – – – Men’s Standings
Summer League FAQ
Tournament Results
Link to 2011 Pages

Alex Carey’s mid-season Co-ed Power Rankings
Power Rankings Week 7

Important dates:
May 11 – registration ends
May 13 – Co-ed lottery (to determine which guys make it into co-ed)
May 18 – registration extension date (may cost more money, because it makes my life harder when you’re late)
May 29 – Co-ed Division draft
May 30 – Men’s Division draft
June 4 – League starts
August 25 – Tournament (Saturday) at Cal Poly Pomona

Click Here to Register for the waiting list




Here’s the winning Co-ed League team Green Dot.

And here’s the winning Men’s League team Joey Chestnut.


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  1. bummed im not gonna be in LA this summer… does anyone know anything about summer leagues in the DC area?

  2. jbourne
    DC has the Washington Area Frisbee Club: https://www.wafc.org/im_new
    Also, there’s a great pickup game every Sunday in Greenbelt, MD: http://www.spril.com/ultimate/ I used to play in that game 6 years ago!

  3. If anybody in the Burbank area wants to get on and toss the disc around after work, email me…


  4. I wonder what the team names will be!

  5. i just registered so im proble on the waiting list is there a way to pay for the league to get a higher position

  6. Absolutely, wolfsf!

    Please paypal 1000 dollars to smogo30@gmail.com and you can have my spot.

  7. You can have my spot in Men’s league for a mere $200.

  8. Oooh, a black market for LA SL spots. This could get very fun.

  9. My Purple Suit co-ed spot goes for $120.

  10. ill buy that bid chad, but only if you promise to play for me.

  11. Sold, Chad. I only have a $125 bill though, so keep the tip.

  12. The lottery has been in place for about 4 years. If a man has played men’s league for 2 years in a row that will put him in coed the following year if he wants to play coed. If a man has played coed for 2 or more years in a row does that put him into men’s the following year to share the wealth and make room for those who want in?

  13. hello
    just back from japan and would love to play in this year’s league
    can play o or d any position
    please pick me up!


  14. Three cheers for mid season power rankings!

  15. haha thanks, hopefully ill get another one out there by the 8th week.

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