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This is to register to play in the tournament on August 25.  It’ll cost $15, of which you can Paypal to laoutultimate@gmail.com or you can pay me in cash or check (Made out to LAOUT) at the tournament.

NOTE: Make sure you’re logged into the LAOUT site.

Hit the Submit button when you’re done. It will say “League Registration Successful” and then go back down and click the Paypal button to pay, or let me know if you’re sending me a check by emailing me at andyb1414@yahoo.com

For the ratings questions, if you need a guide to help you, you can go here.

And the last four questions, by the way, are totally optional.

[league_form id=9]

Click submit first. Then it’ll say League Registration Successful. And then go back down to pay.

The waiting list is not first come first serve.  It’s completely based on the talent level of the person who’s dropping out of the league.  Meaning when someone drops out, I will replace them with a person of similar talent based on the ratings you provided.

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  1. Like stated above, I will make time to get out to games. All I would like to have is a schedule of games with dates and times, or at the very least, a week notice in advance. Since most of the games are at night, this shouldn’t be that big of a problem, just something I wanted to note.

    My baggage is Austin Barkley. He loves the sport but is new to the competitive side of Ultimate. We’d like to be baggage not only so that he is more comfortable playing, but also so that we can take what we learn together and apply it to the CSUN Ultimate Frisbee Club just started in the Spring. We want the club to grow in the fall with the large influx of students coming in, so it would be beneficial not only to us but to the growth of the club (and subsequently, the growth of the sport) if we were baggage for the summer league.

    Thanks for reading and let’s play some Ultimate!

  2. Ryan,
    There will be a schedule posted sometime around the end of May. As this is a draft league and there is no one field that can accommodate all the teams at the same time, no one can give you that schedule until teams are drafted. Within a day or two of the draft, the schedule is posted (and ideally emailed to you by your captain.)

    As to baggage, that’s a call for the league commish, Andy Bandit. He’s good about all that stuff, you don’t need to post here for it. If it’s possible, Andy will make it happen. He’s on the ball.

    Good luck in Summer league

  3. If a male player has played 2 or more years of coed are they bumped to men’s for a year to make room for men who haven’t qualified through the lottery? Seems appropriate if 2 years of men’s gets you into coed. This is the 4th year of lottery isn’t it?

  4. No Randy. That’s not happening. Nobody gets bumped out of Co-ed for playing too many years in Co-ed. I’ve thought about it, but I’m not sure I like that. Although I’ll think more on it.

    Also, it’s not really 2 years of men’s gets you into Co-ed. It’s two years of registering for Co-ed, and getting shut out of Co-ed gets you into Co-ed. Minor difference but important.

    I can’t remember when I started the lottery vs. the old system of first come first serve. But 4 years sounds about right.

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