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Tournament Results

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  1. Here’s a bunch of photos from the tournament: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10100147518294347.2303032.39604955&type=1

  2. How come every year we get a write up of virtually every single game all season, but no write up from anyone about one of the most exciting Summer League finals ever, let alone the rest of the tourney?

    And before you give me the old “go ahead and do it yourself” I missed half the game and am too old to know all the players. But thee must be someone that was paying attention……

  3. 1-0 Green
    7-3 Green with a big lead.
    10-8 Purple looks like they are running away with it now.
    Connie Sky’s Alex.
    Jim Klimek makes a giant layout hammer catch.
    13-14 Green up by 1.
    Alex accidentally layes out into the endzone for 14-14 because both of his calves start seizing.
    Mid point Green with the disc, Jim and Brady fight for the disc but Brady gets it. Jim falls to the ground, both legs cramped. Brady then walks off 3 seconds after with a calf muscles cramping.
    15-14 Connie scores.

  4. Corey… I love to write, and contributed a few recaps this season. I’ve often thought about trying to ‘cover’ the entire tournament as a Journalist – – be out there with a notebook, talking with everybody and getting story-lines & anecdotes for all the games – – but I feel that it’d most likely take waaaay too much focus away from my attempt to play as beautifully/cohesively with my team-mates as I possibly can throughout the morning & afternoon.

    As a participant in this year’s finals here is my personal anecdote to that very exciting 15-14 Green victory over Purple… Late in the game I made a catch at about the Green ten-yard-line… It was a long throw by Chad (about a 40 or 45 yarder) I went up and caught some decent air, but Chris Thomas was right behind me. I had the disc in my hand, but then, a split-second later, the disc was no longer in my hand. Five days later and it’s still on my mind that I probably should have called the foul – to hear what Chris had to say, so that I could have either maintained my position that it was indeed a foul, or to ‘put the foul back into my pocket’ and let Chris’s tremendous defense stand. My arm definitely got hit, and hit pretty hard. But it happened so fast that I was not 100% certain that the revolution of the disc had stopped while in my hand, or not. (Strip? Or no strip? – But still, most probably a foul). The loudest ovation of the game came at that moment, and that made me hesitate about making the foul call. The other thing that made me hesitate (about calling the foul) was the player himself… It’s been my great pleasure to have played alongside Chris (both organized and pickup) for more than 10 years now. I love Chris – as does everybody who knows him. Chris is one of those guys who is always gregarious, always enthusiastic, complimentary and reassuring, and always impeccably spirited. If it had been someone other than Chris who made contact with me in that situation I would have called the foul without hesitation. Nevertheless, I’d look forward to discussing the play with him when our paths next cross.

    Congrats to Green Dot for capturing the Championship, and for such an exciting and memorable finals!!

    Thanks again to Captain Alex ‘X-Factor’ Carey for assembling such a sleek, sexy, luxurious Purple squad. My summer with Cheap Purple Suit was incredibly sweet – with one notable exception at the very end… I was heartbroken enough after the game that I needed to take a moment alone with my cones, and missed the Purple team photo! (boo hoo).

    Good luck in the Fall Classic everybody!!

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