Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

East v West v South Map

Bandit has decided that this is the dividing line between the two sides of LA, and we’re gonna stick with it. If you you’re not into orienteering, here’s the breakdown essentially.

Start with the 405 Freeway south to the 101 Freeway, east to Laurel Canyon, south to Sunset Blvd., west to La Cienega Blvd, south to the 10 Freeway, east to the 110 freeway, and south to the 105. Past that, I rarely go unless I’m headed to the Pyramid to participate in the Harlem Shake.

This map was painstakingly created from the address list of Summer League to create the most balanced East / West dividing line. I then just took the 105 and figured that is pretty darn far south and assume that those are all the people who answered “Longer than 1.5 hours” on the Survey question about how far you travel to Balboa. They deserve their own division.  If you have questions about it – hit me up at lagoaltimate (at) gmail (dot) com

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