Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Men’s Beach League 2013


If you would still like to play, please email Goat at LABeachUltimate at gmail dot com

It will be a draft league – 5×5.  we’ll need captains.

The fee will be $26/person.
The dates will be Saturdays, 4/13 – 5/18 (tourney 5/18)
All games at 10am.

We play south of Ocean Park Blvd in Santa Monica.  http://tinyurl.com/cvh3tah   where Barnard Way turns from east/west to north/south.

Registration closes Friday 4/5 at 5pm.  Late signups will be $35/person.
Questions – email Goat at LABeachUltimate at gmail.com

*Please let it be known that we (the men of LAOUT, and specifically Goat) like girls, some of us even love them (he married one). But there’s another league nearby for women at the same time, and this one is just for the guys of LAOUT.  But we promise, we’ll play together soon, maybe even tomorrow.  And… we’ll throw you the disc.  Well, lets be honest, some of us will.  But we’ll all talk with you on the sideline and certainly at the party.

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