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If you lost a black pair of pants, or a blue Sigg water bottle, let me know


Thanks for making the first season of the Men’s Beach League a success.  Hopefully you had as much fun as I did.  Here’s the info you’ve been waiting for.

 It’s anyone’s game (who ever wins the most wins Saturday, wins the league – cause when you get to the tourney, anything can happen.)  But I’ve set it up this way to maximize fun.
round 1 (10:00 am) :  Blue vs White  (field 2) / Yellow vs Red (field 1)
round 2 (11:15 am) :  Blue vs Red  (field 2) / Yellow vs White (field 1)
round 3 (12:30 pm) :  Blue vs Yellow  (field 2) / White vs Red (field 1)
* if there is a tie, a decision will be made about how to break it by the TD
Some food and water will be provided.
Rounds will be to 11, with a point cap at 13, soft cap at 55 mins, hard time cap at 1 hour
round 1: 10am  – 11am
round 2:  11:15am – 12:15pm
round 3:  12:30 pm – 1:30pm
round 4:  go to the bar and drink

PARTY info:
at: Lula’s patio (on Main St)
starting: at 2pm (maybe 1:45)

Tickets will be given for happy hour priced drinks

Food for purchase – happy hour prices available  (you will order from your table, and it will be served to that table.  one credit card per table to order – you can pay cash to the person holding the tab)

Unfortunately, they need the place back by 5pm, so after that, we’ll have to party someplace else

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