Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams


All games are at Balboa from 8PM to 10PM.

The team in blue was the game winner.

green means the game was cancelled due to weather

purple = tie

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Byes
Jan. 7-11
Ninja Squirtles v Sky Life

Huck & Chuck v Ice Ice Baby

Marshall v AFO

Kong v Abominable Snowmen

Flick Tease v Tarmac

Fresh Pots v Let’s Get Horizontal

Top Shelf v Hucking in Tents

Chalant v Rooks

TIE Penguins v Bad Mojo Jojo

Retro v Solidarity

Jan. 14-18
Occidental v Let’s Get Horizontal

Hucking in Tents v Flick Tease

Ninja Squirtles v Huck & Chuck

Kong v AFO

Marshall v Abominable Snowmen

Retro v Chalant

Fresh Pots v Rooks

TIE Penguins v Top Shelf

Ice Ice Baby v Sky Life

Solidarity v Bad Mojo Jojo

Jan. 21-25
NO GAMES Flick Tease v Solidarity

TIE Penguins v Tarmac

Ninja Squirtles v Ice Ice Baby

Huck & Chuck v Sky Life

Bad Mojo Jojo v Fresh Pots

Rooks v Let’s Get Horizontal

Occidental v Retro

Marshall v Kong

Top Shelf
Jan. 28 – Feb. 1
Hucking in Tents v Tarmac

Huck & Chuck v Kong

TIE Penguins v Flick Tease

Fresh Pots v Retro

Top Shelf v Solidarity

Bad Mojo Jojo v Chalant

Ninja Squirtles v Marshall

Abominable Snowmen v Sky Life

Occidental v Rooks

Ice Ice Baby v AFO

Feb. 4-8
Sky Life v Kong

Ice Ice Baby v Abominable Snowmen

TIE Penguins v Hucking in Tents

Retro v Let’s Get Horizontal

Tarmac v Solidarity

Bad Mojo Jojo v Occidental

Flick Tease v Chalant

Top Shelf v Fresh Pots

Ninja Squirtles v AFO

Huck & Chuck v Marshall

Feb. 11-15
Ninja Squirtles v Kong

Huck & Chuck v Abominable Snowmen

Sky Life v AFO

Rooks v Retro

Solidarity v Hucking in Tents

Bad Mojo Jojo v Let’s Get Horizontal

NO GAMES Tarmac v Chalant

Top Shelf v Occidental

Ice Ice
Fresh Pots
Feb. 18-22
NO GAMES Ninja Squirtles v Abominable Snowmen

Ice Ice Baby v AFO

Sky Life v Marshall

TIE Penguins v Solidarity

Occidental v Flick Tease at Reseda

Bad Mojo Jojo v Rooks

Hucking in Tents v Chalant

Top Shelf v Let’s Get Horizontal

Fresh Pots v Tarmac

Feb. 25 – Mar. 1
Bad Mojo Jojo v Retro

Occidental v Tarmac

Top Shelf v Rooks

Fresh Pots v Hucking in Tents

Ninja Squirtles v Sky Life

Ice Ice Baby v Marshall

Abominable Snowmen v AFO

Huck & Chuck v Kong

Flick Tease v Let’s Get Horizontal Solidarity
March 4-8
Ice Ice Baby v Kong

Abominable Snowmen v Marshall

Huck & Chuck v AFO

Chalant v Solidarity

Rooks v TIE Penguins

Hucking in Tents v Occidental

Let’s Get Horizontal v Tarmac

Top Shelf v Retro

Make-up game
AFO v Ninja Squirtles

Fresh Pots v Flick Tease

TIE Penguins v Chalant

Sky Life
Bad Mojo

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  1. Above it says all games played at Balboa. Is this a park? Can you email me the address? I’d like to check it out

  2. 17015 Burbank Blvd
    Encino, CA 91316

  3. So are tourney seedlings at first based on winning percentages? If the tournament started today would oxy be the 2 seed?

  4. Yes. Winning percentage is the number one determiner.

    Although the TD reserves the right to use his judgement in the event that one team is clearly mis-seeded due to rain-outs, cancellations, forfeits, etc.

    Article Q. Paragraph XXX. Sub-paragraph 69.

  5. Friday Feb 8th games are officially canceled due to weather?

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