Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams


Women’s League Tourney will commence at 10AM – SHARP!  Please tell your teams to arrive by 9:30AM

(All the same league rules apply to the Tourney.)

We have to be at LULA’s CANTINA by 2pm and out of the patio area that is reserved for us by 5pm!

Post Tourney Party will be combined with Men’s League (they are VERY excited about this.  I hope you are too?!?)…

Location:  LULA’s Mexican Cantina (Bright Yellow Building – located on Main Street & 27th street – walkable from the beach)

Party Time:2pm-5pm

Bar tab: Paid for with league fees, but limited to happy hour drinks and you will receive drink tickets upon arrival to make sure everyone gets some. 

Food: Happy Hour prices are available but each player is responsible for your own food purchases.  They will be charging per table and tip and tax will be included.  Please bring cash to make the servers lives easier.

More stuff: This goes without saying (but hey, I’ll say it any way)… PLEASE tip your servers well and behave yourselves.  It was hard to get a restaurant to reserve a back patio for a group this large at lunch time on a Saturday.  They asked us not to curse or disturb the other patrons.  Have fun but remain considerate of others (I told the owner frisbee players are known for being considerate and well spirited)  😉

Even More Really Cool stuff:  Dan from SAVAGE ULTIMATE will be at the TOURNEY offering on the spot subliminal printing of a NEW Women’s League Skull print jersey for only $15 and other SAVAGE items (including hats and shorts).  Bring Cash, the SAVAGE Gear is SICK!!!!

Make Love, Peace and more Women’s Ultimate…


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