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2014 Beach League Free Agents

Free Agents

If you’re interested in trying to join a Mixed Division team, please leave the following information here

1. Name / Gender
2. Contact info
3. playing experience on grass
4. playing experience on beach
5. last beach team you played with
6. height
7. how much you love beach ultimate and other important information

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    grass: 15 years
    beach: 10 years
    The Monkeys are Taking over the World Starting with the Beach
    play every week in SM

  2. Hey, looking for a team to play with!

    Adam Subhas
    grass: 9 years
    beach: 2 years
    The Butterheads
    I love laying out. So I love playing on the beach. Also finding sand everywhere on my body and clothes and car for days after a game is great.

  3. Looking for a team. First time playing on a beach in America but i played a lot of each tournaments in the Philippines.
    Grass: 3 years
    Beach: 3 years
    Looking to diversify my game and meet new friends at the same time!

  4. Charlie Mullin
    — More than 30 years playing on grass (and dirt)
    — Four seasons on sand (Including one Lei Out)
    — Last Team: The Monkeys are Taking Over the World Starting with the Beach
    — Six feet tall
    — I love playing in the sand, which is gentle on the bones but sucks all my breath away – can’t wait!. Curently playing grass pickup a few times a week.

  5. Elliot Davis / male
    3 years
    2 years
    South Pasadena Sacred Palms
    Beach ultiamte is awesome man! I’m 18 currently attending a junior college in my area that has no ultimate team. Bummer.

  6. Tyler Kotovsky
    10 Years grass
    7 Years beach
    Moved to Los Angeles to play more beach ultimate, been playing in santa Monica for the past 3 months

  7. Experienced Couple Baggage!

    1. Names: Greg & Melissa D’Eloia
    2. Contact info: gregdeloia@hotmail.com; melissa.deloia@csulb.edu
    3. playing experience on grass: 26 years combined
    4. playing experience on beach: 4 years each
    5. last beach team you played with: League: (Leiout): Back to the Beach Blanket Bingo
    6. height: him: 5’10; her: 6’1″
    7. how much you love beach ultimate: Beach is great for us old folks because it slows the kids down to our level!

  8. 1. Rosaline Tio/female
    2. rosaline.tio@gmail.com
    3. 7 years on grass
    4. 0 years beach
    5. haven’t played on a beach team before, but i’d like to try it out (can’t promise how great i will be)
    6. 5’3
    7. just like playing Ultimate and wanted to try something new! honestly, don’t quite know what to expect, but willing to work at it and have fun

  9. Karl J Kaul /Male
    20 on grass
    12 on the beach
    Mens beach league / european beach championships 2013 for UEI
    I love the feeling of sand in my teeth first thing in the morning……..

  10. Brent George / Male
    6 years on grass
    2 years on the beach
    wildwood / Lazerfeast
    Just moved here from the east coast and want to meet new people…and I love ultimate.

  11. 1. Cristina “Smiles” Crouth/ Female
    2. Crouthy16@gmail.com
    3. 7 years on grass
    4. 1 year beach
    5. Last beach team was the Leiout team “Pirate Corps”
    6. 5’7/5’8 on a good day
    7. I am fairly new to beach but so far I have enjoyed playing it πŸ™‚

  12. 1. Kelvin Kuo / Male
    2. Kelvinku@usc.edu
    3. playing experience on grass: 2 years
    4. playing experience on beach : beach pick up
    5. last beach team you played with : spider pigs (Huck-it long beach)
    6. 6’3″
    7. Love beach, trying to play more frisbee.

  13. 1. James “JB” Bourne / M
    2. jbourne228@gmail.com
    3. 3 years college, 4 summer leagues
    4. beach league and wildwood
    5. ?como te llamas? (gordies a bitch) Wildwood
    6. 6
    7. beach is fun. sandy sand sand.

  14. Brad Klipfel / male
    5 years grass
    2 years beach
    Praying Mantis – Casablanca, Morocco
    Echo Park
    Long arms, long legs. Big waves. Good time. St. Louis/Miami/Morocco/LA.

  15. Late to the party but I want in!
    1. Alain Jauffret / male
    2. ajauffret@gmail.com
    3. 4ish years of colelge
    4. 0
    5. N./A
    6. 6’2
    7. i can run and run and then run some more

  16. 1. Jessica / Lady
    2. jessica.s.creamer@gmail.com
    3. 11 years
    4. Several beach tournaments
    5. Tour de Franzia – Seaside, OR
    6. 5’7”
    7. I’m new to the LA area and looking forward to getting sandy

  17. Hey I’m looking to join a team. I

    1. Victor Figueroa/ Male
    2. vaf229@gmail.com, 410-271-2200
    3. 6 years, played with NYU for 4 of them.
    4. Played in Coney Island every week in the summer in New York. Gone to 4 Wildwood beach tournaments
    5. Victor in a bikini
    6. 5’8″
    7. I love beach ultimate. It’s the best feeling to play a game, then jump into the water afterwards. Also it’s the perfect workout, with low impact on the body. And most of all, sand is the best to lay out in.

  18. 1. Chris Bennett / M
    2. cman122887@gmail.com, 713.906.4989
    3. 9 yrs grass
    4. 6 years beach
    5. The Huck and Chuck Show!
    6. 5’11
    7. Always out to have a good time, and beach is a mighty good time.

  19. 1. Anna Raye Chou / female
    2. anna.chou818@gmail.com
    3. four years of college ultimate; 3 seasons of summer league
    4. 3 years at Wildwood (NJ)
    5. Slutgers (Wildwood, NJ)
    6. 5’4″
    7. I just moved to LA from the East Coast and hoping to connect with my ultimate people. I LOOOVE playing and laying out in the sand.

  20. Spencer Wu / male
    7 years – played at D3 Nats, NW Club and College Regionals, Aus Nats, WUCC
    Just one beach tournament
    Just moved back to SoCal, trying to get into the Ultimate scene here.

  21. 1. Ken Soo/ M
    2. klsoo0213@gmail.com
    3. 6 years grass
    4. 3 years beach
    5. Scissor me Timbers!
    6. 5’9″
    7. I LOVE THE BEACH! PLZ PICK ME UP. I will layout, run, and cheer very hard!

  22. 1. Brian King / M
    2. my name (no spaces) @ gmail.com
    3. 3 years on grass
    4. Some pickup on beach!
    5. Only one tournament at One Love One Beach
    6. 5’9″
    7. I like running very hard in the sand and then sacrificing my body for near-catches.I’m new at beach, and I know it. Feel free to bench me!

  23. 1. Chad Ceccola / Male
    2. chadceccola@gmail.com
    3. 8 years on grass
    4. played twice on beach
    5. Some dudes from Norcal (no, not the team name)
    6. I can touch Michael Jordans elbow, if it were fully extended above his head. (6′)
    7. Hodor.

  24. 1. Clarissa Paik / F & Aaron Morefield / M
    2. cpaik001@ucr.edu
    3. One and four years on grass
    4. Onelove and Leiout / 1 season Beach league and two tournaments
    5. IESB / Lei-out also one year Hodgepodge/ Elixir
    6. 5’4″ / 5’6″
    7. Young and looking for experience. Would be driving together, so would come as a package deal. Love the sport, and love the beach. We’re ready and excited to play, so lets go!

  25. 1. Tiffany Kuang/ F
    2. tiff.kuang@gmail.com
    3. 4 years throughout college (recreational) on grass. been playing pick up in Culver City for the last 5 months.
    4. 0 years playing beach.
    5. see #4
    6. 5’3″ (my co-workers think it’s the funniest thing to see me jump for stuff. little do they know how VERY possible for me to get stuff down)
    7. isn’t the purpose of the beach to throw frisbees, lay-out, run nowhere really fast, then go home shower and have your roommate complain about sand in the bathroom?

  26. 1. Alex Howard (M) + Spencer Hayles (M)
    2. ahoward5@elon.edu and spencer.hayles@cgu.edu
    3. 7 years and 5 years grass
    4. A couple beach tournaments (Wildwood, mostly)
    5. Wild Morning Wood
    6. Alex – 5’11” Spencer – 6′
    7. We just moved here from the east coast, played together in college, and are trying to play together on the same beach league team.

    contact on Facebook or ranchez61@yahoo.com
    25 yrs. grass
    10 yrs. beach more or less.
    last beach team was Team Eric at Lei Out
    5′ 9″
    I live far from the beach and probably only make 2 or 3 games.

  28. 1. Ian Charlesworth / Male
    2. ilc@ucla.edu
    3. 2 years grass, 1 year beach
    5. Sriracha (2014 Spring beach league)
    6. 6′ 1″
    7. I’ve been playing beach pick-up on Sundays for around a year, though last year around this time the game died because everyone was in the league. I don’t want to be left out again!

  29. 1. Will Walker
    2. wm.l.walker@gmail.com
    3. 5 years grass
    4. 3 years of sporadic beach(lived in Portland, then San Diego)
    5. San Diego Beach league
    6. 5’10”
    7. I love the beach, the sand, and chasing frisbees! Who doesn’t like to layout w/o injury fears of hard pack? New to LA and looking to get into the ultimate community. Cheers

  30. 1. Marika Mulen/ F
    2. mar858@gmail.com
    3. ~ 6 years (low level)
    4. 6 years of Wildwood, 1 Lei-Out (Beer Division)
    5. Women’s league
    6. 5’6
    7. I love beach! However I can’t promise I’ll be that good, but I’ll bring awesome spirit! Looking for a fun team to meet great people, learn to play better, and have a great time playing Ultimate!

  31. 1. Patrick Hart // Male
    2. patrick@10kislands.com
    3. 16ish years (i’m 30)
    4. 10 years, off and on
    5. red team, this year’s men’s league!
    6. 6’2″
    7. beach is the best! I just moved to town (was lucky to visit during men’s league the last couple years), so I’m hoping some kind souls will take me in. πŸ˜‰ good spirit! will play defense! throws to females! A+

  32. 1.Nick Kioski // Male
    2. nkioski@yahoo.com
    3. 18 years
    4. 10 years
    5. Mr Perfect 2013 Men’s League
    6. 5’9β€³
    7. Beach is all I play. I play Thursday’s and Sunday’s in Santa Monica.

  33. 1. Becklin Davis // Female
    2. becklindavis@gmail.com
    3. playing experience on grass: 3 years
    4. playing experience on beach: I played Wildwood this past summer
    5. last beach team you played with: Wildwood team: Draft Dodgers (3-1) Beer Division
    6. height: 5′ 3”
    7. Even though I haven’t played much I love being able to play barefoot in the sand. Breaking around in beach is so fun, and I love all the quirks compared with grass ultimate. Having great spirit means a bunch to me. If you come drive from downtown LA/usc area, maybe we could carpool?

  34. Victor Guss
    20 years experience on grass and beach including Wildwood and Rimini Beach Tournaments (won co-ed Rimini championship)
    Can handle or play 2
    Love playing beach and on sand by the water in the sun; good spirit; will throw to the ladies; been in LA for a year and looking to get involved in the Ultimate scene, especially as I missed beach league last year
    email: vguss@yahoo.com

  35. Sweet Package Deal looking for a fun beach team to play for! We both handled 4 years of college and are the ultimate team players!
    We will not cause any drama and will bring the spirit every Sunday!

    1. David “Dshu” Shu / Male
    2. Davidshu8@gmail.com
    3. 5 years grass experience
    4. 4 beach tournaments
    5. Ghettohot Legends at lei-out
    6. 5’10”
    7. Beach is best! Beach is boss! Beach is bawesome!

    1, Brian “Chicago” Leung / Male
    2. BrianLeung10@gmail.com
    3. 6 years grass experience
    4. 4 beach tournaments, played last 2 beach leagues
    5. Ghettohot Legends at LeiOut, Huck n Chuck at beach league
    6. 5’9”

  36. 1. Scot Shinderman / Male
    2. scot.shinderman@gmail.com
    3. 7 yrs
    4. 7 yrs
    5. Rip
    6. 5’4″ (rounded down)
    7. Sand is in my blood.

  37. 1. David Goluskin
    2. goluskin at gmail
    3. 15 years. I’ve played at club nationals.
    4. Wildwood twice, Lei-Out once
    5. Never played beach league
    6. 6’0″
    7. Love playing on sand. I’ve played several seasons of mixed club (as well as men’s club). I can handle or cut.

  38. 1. Victor Smith
    2. vcbsmith at gmail dot com
    3. 7 years on grass (D1 College, Club for 5 years)
    4. a few beach tournaments (WWx2, Lei Out)
    5. Never played beach league
    6. 5’7″
    7. New to the area. Love playing on sand although I’ve only done it a few times.

  39. 1. David Gerson
    2. David.t.gerson@gmail.com
    3. 5 years (2 HS and 3 D1 college as handler, made nationals one year)
    4. None officially but love pickup beachtimate
    5. Never played in a beach league.
    6. 6′
    7. How could you not love taking a face full of sand to get that D? New to the area and would love to take advantage of living by the beach to play the best game ever

  40. 1. Allison / Female
    2. amurphy24@yahoo.com
    3. 5 years on grass
    4. one Wildwood Tournament
    5. Menace 2 Sobriety (Wildwood 2013)
    6. 5″ 4′
    7. Love the beach. Love Ultimate. Move to LA last year, might as well take advantage of the location. If a team needs an extra female sub, I’m your gal.

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