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2015 Beach League Tourney and Party

Here’s what the tourney will look like (download a pdf – 2015 Tourney Bracket )

Final RRI standings.  Doesn’t work on a mobile device, use a desktop


– Games are to 11, win by 2 to a point cap of 13 (10-10 puts you into the cap)

– The Finals (every bracket) are to 13, win by 2 to a point cap of 15 (12-12 puts you into the cap)

– Games will be 1 hour and 15 minutes long. After 1 hour, the soft cap will come on. This means you finish the point you are playing and play to a score of two points more than the highest score. If you are between points when the cap comes on, you play that point and then add two.

– After 1 hour and 10 minutes, a hard cap will be in affect. This means you finish the point you are playing and whoever is ahead, wins. If you are between points and the score is within 2 points, you play that point (and one more if the score become tied as a result of that point).
– point cap trumps time cap. If the soft cap comes on when the score is 12-11 and the team ahead scores making it 13-11, the team with 13 wins.

– 1 time out per half, plus a floater. No time outs in the point [10-10 (12-12 in the finals)] or time caps.
– Only players on your roster, that have played in 2 games this season, may play on your team.

– Party to follow at Rusty’s Surf Ranch on the Santa Monica Pier. It’s all open to all ages, so everyone can join us, even if you’re under 21.

There will be an open bar, until the tab runs out.
Food will be discounted 15%.  You will need a credit card to order food (or use a friend’s credit card), and it will be delivered to the table you originally ordered from.
Beverages will be delivered to the table where they are ordered.
After the tab runs out, you can order Bud and Bud Lite at a discount of 15%.

Each team will get a bag of food and some water at the beach.

We are using Spirit scoring and there will be a prize given to the team representing best spirit during the tournament.  The prize will be given out at the party.
2015 Tourney Bracket

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  1. Wow, reigning B-Bracket Champs (MHC) don’t even get a chance to defend their title? Can I express my dislike for the format now? (As a casual, bum foot, beach-going observer, of course, with no prior bias).

    My argument that there should just be an A-league and a B-leauge: In 2014, ShamWow had 1 “blowout”, defined as a team scoring less than 5 points on them; in 2015, 8 out of 14 games were blowouts. Dune Squad has a similar ratio of 0:5. Dinosaurs! had a couple of teams that scored 6 on them this year, so they throw my example off…

    If we do have one league with dynamic scheduling, there has to be more dynamic scheduling. Fat Unicorn has an average win seed of 14.2 and never played their game against Shamwow making their average seed played 11.7, and are ranked 5. Mimosa Sunday has an average win seed of 13.0, with their average seed played 11.92 yet are ranked 4.
    MHC’s has an average win seed of 11.3, and an average loss seed of 7, with an average seed played of 9.3, this is almost identical to Hammer Time who are ranked no. 7

    Anyways, just some random thoughts. Go MHC. Bracket!

  2. The season median seed numbers are more telling:
    MHC (12): 9.5
    Aguirre (11): 10
    Astro (10): 13.5
    Special (9): 8
    Sandy (8): 9
    Hammer (7): 8.5
    Treehouse (6): 12.5
    FU (5): 13
    Mimosa (4): 14

    And the Median 1st four weeks seed:
    MHC (12): 5.5
    Aguirre (11): 12
    Astro (10): 14
    Special (9): 8
    Sandy (8): 6
    Hammer (7): 8
    Treehouse (6): 7.5
    FU (5): 12.5
    Mimosa (4): 14.5

    And yes, I’m butthurt about it.

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