Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Beach League Free Agents 2015

We often have a ‘free agent’ team.  This is organized by someone on the list who wants to play, but can’t find a team.  If that’s you, just start emailing the people who sign up here.  If you have questions, email Goat.

If you’re just interested in trying to join a Mixed Division team, leave a note.

Either way, please leave the following information here

1. Name / Gender
2. Contact info
3. playing experience on grass
4. playing experience on beach
5. last beach team you played with
6. height
7. how much you love beach ultimate and other important information

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  1. Tk
    grass 10 years
    beach regularly for a year
    Spring league men’s beach, admiral Akbar
    Moved here to play more beach ultimate last year

  2. Nick Kioski – Male
    310 848 0994
    grass 15 years
    beach – every Thursday and Sunday in SM for 8 years or so
    Spring league men’s beach – Jabba the Hucking to Princess Lei-out
    These beach ultimate games are pretty much my favorite thing about being in LA

  3. 1. Mike Dow/I’m a man
    2. Sugar_Mountain@mac.com
    3. so much I now have a bone spur
    4. so much I have permanent sand in my ear drum
    5. Lei Out
    6. 5 11
    7. i like beach ultimate more than I like goat. And I don’t like beach ultimate at all

  4. Oh and I’d like to play on an existing mixed team, not the free agent team.

  5. Jack McHugh- Man
    (917) 670-8191
    Grass 10 years
    Beach as much one can
    Recent transplant need ultimate

  6. 1.Noah Tomaszewski, male
    2. (818)442-3452 / noah.tomaszewski@gmail.com
    3. 5 yrs of college, summer leagues, and winter league
    4. Leiout a few times
    6. 6’4″
    7. Beach ultimate is pretty cool

  7. 1. Rich / male
    2. Rfriedla@hotmail.com, 310.503.1283
    3. No grass experience
    4. playing experience on beach: none
    5. N/A
    6. 6’6″
    7. my friends play pro in seattle and i live throwing around with them. Really want to try something out whether beach or grass out here. Please let me know if you need a body. Would love to play.

  8. Noah
    donnellkilmer@gmail.com, 6175137079
    Mucho but skipped club season this year
    Played B league the last few years
    Occidental College
    Not sure how many games I’ll make or if I’ll make the tournament. My job ends in mid October so who knows, but anyone wanna take a chance on signing me?

  9. 1. Zach Sternberger / male
    2. zsternberger@gmail.com / 626-200-8872
    3. Four years of college and some club (eight years including summer leagues)
    4. One beach league, one leiout
    5. Honey badgers
    6. 6′
    7. Played beach for the first time last year oh wow I love beach

    I’d join an existing team too.

  10. Victor
    Over 20 years Ultimate experience, with several years on beach
    Played Men’s beach league earlier this year
    Would love to play. I live in Marina del Rey so easy for me to get to the games. Hope to hear from someone soon.



  11. 1. David Zucker / Male
    2. zucked@gmail.com, 610-246-3452
    3. 4 years varsity college ultimate at WashU in St. Louis, 5 summers beach ultimate at wildwood (2x beer league chaaaaamps)
    4. Never played beach league
    6. 5’8
    7. I’m new here so I’d loooove to get on a beach team and meet new people!!

  12. Jack Briskie / Male
    jbriskie@gmail.com; (978) 430-7837 (cell)
    ~3 years Summer leagues
    Pickup beach player
    Interested in free agent or existing team. Will bid for food.

  13. Ashley Goodwin – lady
    Total of 8 years played. 3 years college, 5 years club.
    Played lei out last year, 1 year at wildwood in 2013, and 5 years at sandblast playing with stabby mcrobot from dallas.
    Just moved here for a job, looking for some frisbee. Totally excited that it could be on the beach!
    I like fun. I like frisbee. Let me know if in need of a lady.

  14. Ruth Engel / female
    ruthengel@gmail.com, 443 812 9914
    1.5 yrs on grass
    beach pickup, a couple small tournaments
    Moving out from DC — looking to play! Willing to run and hoping to meet people. Really excited to get more beach ultimate in my life.

  15. David Conlon – Male
    10 years on grass
    8 years on beach
    Prime Time
    I love beach, I love D, I’ll handle, I’ll cut, and I can get you Aviators tickets 😉

  16. 1. Fenton Taylor
    2. fentontaylor@gmail.com (310) 339-1300
    3. 4 years on grass
    4. 4 years on beach
    5. Several hat tournaments and as part of our league field rotation
    6. 6’2″
    7. I love beach ultimate because I can bid for everything and not hurt myself. I especially love the smaller fields because I can throw end to end hucks for days.

  17. 1. Nathaniel Shoemaker-Trejo/Male
    2. sendmeallyourwords@gmail.com
    3. 8 years (high school, B-team college, summer leagues)
    4&5. No beach experience
    6. 6′
    7. I love ultimate in general. I moved out here fairly recently and am looking to give beach ultimate a try.

  18. 1. Kevan Feyzi
    2. kevfeyzi@gmail.com
    3. 8 years (high school, college, summer leagues)
    4. zero beach experience… I come from the Midwest
    5. n/a
    6. 6′ 2″
    7. I love ultimate and I love the beach. So this is a match made in heaven for me. I moved out here in August for grad school and intramurals aren’t cutting it for me. Plus it’s another excuse to get to the beach!

  19. 1. Victor Smith/ male
    2. vcbsmith at gmail dot com
    3. 4 years of college, 6 ish seasons of club
    4. LA beach pickup, Lei Out x2, Wildwood x2, OLOB
    5. never played beach league
    6. 5’7″ but I’m 5’8″ on Tinder
    7. this is pretty much my life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyx6JDQCslE minus the animal print pants out of control

  20. 1. Clarissa Paik / Female
    2. cpaik001@ucr.edu
    3. 2 years at college pickup/ a season of winter league
    4. Leiout ’14 and ’15/ OLOB ’14/ Beach league ’14
    5. Beach Please (Beach league ’14)
    6. 5’4″
    7. I absolutely loved beach league last year and learned so much more than I do during pickup, so I am super excited to be doing it again this year. I’m definitely more a cutter than a handler, but can handle if called for. Also, coming from Riverside so if anyone’s looking to arrange a carpool, let me know!

  21. Hello!
    I’m trying put together a free agent team, but, really need ladies!
    (We could also use some more men.)
    Please let me at s-ishii@clubjr.com know if you’re interested or know anybody who might be interested in playing.

  22. Jay Patel (Rafiki)
    patel.jayk90@gmail.com 862-268-5117
    2 years college B team, Hightide, LAOUT summer league ’14
    1 year at wildwood
    I really enjoyed playing on the beach and would like to start playing ultimate regularly again.

  23. Usha/ female
    1 year in college and 5-6 years pick up/summer leagues on grass
    1 year on beach
    played women’s league last spring
    I handle and can cut but probably do the former better. But I love beach ultimate!!! pick me!

  24. 1) Elliot Davis / Male
    2) elliotdavis99@yahoo.com (best way to contact me I don’t have a phone)
    3/4) A few years on grass, a few years of beach. What I lack in experience I make up with sheer youth and energy
    5) Played with the swoll paTrolls last weekend. Was a life changing experience
    6) 6’4″
    7) I love ultimate. Ultimate is my life. Like, I love Ultimate so much that I’d marry it. Ultimate is the greatest thing ever omg.

  25. 1. Brian King / Male
    2. brian.king at gmail
    3. Four years on grass, handful of leagues and tourneys
    4. Less experience on beach. Some pickup, a couple tourneys
    5. DISCpicable Us at Lei Out 2015
    6. 5’9″ ish
    7. I can cut like a crazy person, and I’m probably too willing to sacrifice my body for this sport. I’d be coming from Glendale.

  26. 1. alex pincus / male
    2. alex.pincus@gmail.com, 214-616-0065
    3. two years playing at ut austin, a few spring/summer leagues, lots of pickup (off and on regular at sunday rose bowl pickup)
    4. some beach pickup
    5. still waiting for that magical first time
    6. 5’8″ (= quick)
    7. i’ve had a blast at beach pickup and know i would love playing in beach league, and ultimate on sand/smaller fields suits my quickness, endurance, and handling skillz well. positive and high energy! reeaalllyyyy hoping to get on a new or existing team, have some fun, and meet more people in the ultimate community

  27. 1. Kari George – female
    2. kari.lynn.george@gmail.com 585-697-4136
    3. 8 years total: 2 years in college, 2 years in pick up, mixed club competitive team, 3 years summer league
    4. I’ve played Wildwood once
    5. college team at Wildwood in ’07
    6. 5’6″
    7. I just moved here from Nashville and am looking to get back into beach ultimate!
    I’m also open to joining a mixed team.

  28. Anyone need a cagey vet for their team?

    Chris”Toph”er Eggers.
    6’3, Blackbird, Strawberry Love for beach, almost entirely healthy for first time in years.

    “Take a chance on me” — ABBA

  29. 1. Eli Fox-Epstein / male
    2. eli@fox-epste.in / 5857704551
    3. Been playing on grass for 6 months maybe
    4. Played twice on beach
    5. N/A
    6. 6′
    7. Just moved here. Excited to play!

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