Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Co-ed Schedule

All games are at Petit Park in Granada Hills,  from 8:00PM Р10:00PM.
Except for the last week of the season, and all the games on Friday, August 7 which are at Balboa Park in Encino.

The team in blue was the game winner.

green means the game was cancelled due to an unexpected catastrophic Los Angeles summer weather event or alien invasion.

purple = tie

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Byes
June 1-5 Grass v Green Black v Purple
Rose v White
Blue v Platinum Red v Yellow Black v Green
June 8-12 Purple v White Black v Red Green v Platinum Grass v Yellow Blue v Rose
Purple v Red
June 15-19 Black v Grass
Blue v White
Platinum v Purple Red v Rose
Green v Yellow
Blue v Grass
June 22-26 Platinum v White
Grass v Red
Blue v Purple Black v Yellow Green v Rose
June 29 – July 3 Grass v White Purple v Rose Blue v Yellow Black
July 6-10 Green v Purple Rose v Yellow Grass v Platinum Blue v Red Black v White
July 13-17 Green v Red Platinum v Rose
Grass v Purple
Black v Blue White v Yellow Platinum v Red
July 20-24 Blue v Rose
Purple v White
Green v Platinum Black v Red Grass v Yellow
July 27-31 Grass v Rose Purple v Yellow
Black v Platinum
Blue v Green Red v White Platinum v Yellow
August 3-7 Green v White Black v Rose Platinum v Red Black v Grass
Green v Yellow
Blue v White
Platinum v Purple
Red v Rose
August 10-14 Grass v Green
Rose v White
Black v Purple Blue v Platinum Red v Yellow

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  1. When is the Platinum v Rose game?

  2. Not 100% confirmed yet, but the date is likely to be Wednesday, August 5.

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