Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Captain Contacts

AFO – Captain: Remy Schor (remyschor@gmail.com)
ANIMAL STYLE – Capains: Cedar Connor (cedarconnor@gmail.com) and Nay Saldana (nayeli.saldana@gmail.com)
GOONIES NEVER DIE!!! – Captain: Sherry Jung (sherryalison.jung@gmail.com)
HONEY BADGERS – Captains: Ben Mathes (bcmathes@gmail.com), Dan Perahya (danielzperahya@gmail.com) and Adam Lane (adamclane@gmail.com)
KAPOW! – Captain: Daniel Hensel (henseldj@gmail.com)
KONG – Captain: Joe Forbes (forbes.joe@gmail.com)
MARSHALL – Captain: Seth Gillum (sethgillum@sbcglobal.net)
NINJA SQUIRTLES – Captain: Enway Hsu (enway.hsu@gmail.com)
RETRO – Captains: Crissy Vega (cvega05@hotmail.com) and Ben Potash (potash@gmail.com)
ROOKS – Captain: Colin Whitman (colinwhitman@gmail.com)
SKY LIFE – Captains: Jake Janzen (jacobjanzen@gmail.com) and Samantha Pitman (s.pitman@gmail.com)
SOLIDARITY – Captains: Julia Wallace (oolia17@gmail.com) and Tiffany Wallace (lividlyric@yahoo.com)
TARMAC – Captains: James Renfroe (editlizard@gmail.com) and Erick Cifuentes (ericksemail@gmail.com)
THE HUCK AND CHUCK SHOW – Captains: Steve McDonnell (mcdonnell.steve@gmail.com) and Scott Lensing (scott.lensing@gmail.com)
TOP SHELF – Captain: Chuck LaForte (chucklaforte@gmail.com)


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