Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams


All games are at Petit Park in Granada Hills from 8PM to 10PM.

The team in blue was the game winner.

green means the game was cancelled due to weather

purple = tie

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Bye
Jan. 5-8
Kong v Marshall  AFO v Ninja Squirtles

Retro v Sky Life

Solidarity v Tarmac

Huck & Chuck v Top Shelf

Goonies v Kapow

Animal Style v Honey Badgers

Jan. 12-15
AFO v Honey Badgers Tarmac v Rooks

Kapow v Solidarity

Kong v Retro

Animal Style v Ninja Squirtles

 Huck & Chuck v Marshall

Sky Life v Top Shelf

Jan. 19-22
NO GAMES Honey Badgers v Goonies

Animal Style v Kapow

Marshall v Ninja Squirtles

Rooks v Top Shelf

Retro v Tarmac

Huck & Chuck v Solidarity

Sky Life
Jan. 26-29
Kong v Sky Life  Honey Badgers v Marshall

Huck & Chuck v Retro

 Tarmac v Top Shelf

Goonies v Solidarity

AFO v Animal Style

Kapow v Rooks

Ninja Squirtles
Feb. 2-5
Animal Style v Top Shelf Kong v Ninja Squirtles

AFO v Sky Life

Honey Badgers v Kapow

Huck & Chuck v Rooks

Goonies v Marshall

Retro v Solidarity

Feb. 9-12
Huck & Chuck v Kapow Solidarity v Tarmac

Honey Badgers v Rooks

Ninja Squirtles v Top Shelf

Animal Style v Kong

AFO v Retro

Goonies v Sky Life

Feb. 16-19
NO GAMES Rooks v Solidarity

Huck & Chuck v Tarmac

AFO v Kong

Ninja Squirtles v Retro

Animal Style v Goonies

Marshall v Sky Life

Honey Badgers
Top Shelf
Feb. 23-26
Honey Badgers v Top Shelf Goonies v Huck & Chuck

Kapow v Solidarity

AFO v Ninja Squirtles

Rooks v Tarmac

Kong v Sky Life

Marshall v Retro

Animal Style
March 2-5
Animal Style v Tarmac Kong v Ninja Squirtles

Kapow v Rooks

Honey Badgers v Sky Life

Goonies v Top Shelf

AFO v Marshall Huck & Chuck

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  1. Do we not have the fields on Fridays? Or were there not enough teams to require Friday games?

  2. There were not enough teams to require Friday games. I’m trying to make sure every team has the same number of games. That’s why three teams have a bye on that week. And three teams will have a bye on two future weeks as well.

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