Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Free Agents

  • We often have a ‘free agent’ team.  This is organized by someone on the list who wants to play, but can’t find a team.  If that’s you, just start emailing the people who sign up here.  If you have questions, email Goat.

If you’re just interested in trying to join a Mixed Division team (we only have a mixed division in this league), leave a note.

Either way, please leave the following information here

1. Name / Gender
2. Contact info
3. playing experience on grass
4. playing experience on beach
5. last beach team you played with
6. height
7. how much you love beach ultimate and other important information

If you have been picked up on a team, please notify Goat  LABeachUltimate at gmail (dot) com, and he will remove your information from the list.

See you on the sand

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  1. 1. Zoe, 28, F
    2. zkdaniels@gmail.com
    3. played at McGill University when I was a student, we were good. Then played a few years on grass + turf with one touring and some middling to good rec teams.
    4. never played beach
    6. 5’8″
    7. Hiiiii I’d like to play on a good times mixed team — I’m new to the city and not a complete garbage person: I’m a web developer, writer + comedian. zoejokes.com is my website and also my Twitter handle so you can see what kind of person I am IF YOU SO DESIRE. I like winning evenly matched games and I broke my collarbone laying out last summer so I probably won’t do a ton of that.

  2. 1. Chris 36, M
    2. r.chris.wilson@gmail.com
    3. Played in Graduate School for UMBC, then some summer leagues and pickup since then.
    4. Played in a few tournaments including Leiout.
    5. Huck Huck Goose
    6. 5’11
    7. Any excuse to go to the beach works for me! Plus its frisbee 🙂

  3. 1. Victor Figueroa, M
    2. vaf229@gmail.com
    3. four years at NYU, half-year USC, few mid-level leagues and clubs in between and after, Sunday pickup
    4. Been to wildwood three times, laout once, played in the men’s beach league in Santa Monica this year
    5. Goth Kids
    6. 5’7′
    7. Well I am leaving a comment hoping to get picked up. That shows a pretty deep admiration right?
    Important information uhhh… I can rip a phone in half with my bare hands. Well no that’s a lie. Sometimes I lie. My hands only have the capability to perform everyday tasks and toss circular objects close to 175g distances that exceed the normal range for such activities.

  4. 1. Marcus, 28, M
    2. marcusgj13@gmail.com
    3. Played like 11 years on grass for various Uni/Club teams in the UK and some pick up/winter/summer league in LA
    4. Men’s spring league a few times and a few tournaments.
    5. Huck em all to death
    6. 5′ 10
    7. I just really like playing frisbee so I’m happy with whoever will have me.

  5. 1. Alex Berdoff / M
    2. aberdoff@gmail.com
    3. Started playing at Tufts, A-team (Emen) for 3 years, nationals in ’09… then began my laborious transition into being an old dude, playing various summer & rec leagues around NYC and LA. Won a few WUDi championships in the meantime too if that means anything? Took the last 3 or so seasons off, just finished an LAOUT summer league run though (grass fields are BIG!) with about 50% attendance – but getting there!
    4. 6 Wildwoods and 4 LeiOuts, and 2 or 3 seasons of Beach here in Santa Monica.
    5. LeiOut Spring ‘Goth Kids’
    6. 5’10”
    7. oh man this question is a lot of pressure to write something funny and attractive but i’ve been out of the online dating game for a while so idk if I can still pull this off… how about: I love frisbee enough to not harshly judge the kids from tufts that got Emen tattoos in the years after I graduated. Also one time I drank a whole disc full of beer and didn’t even puke until way later in the night.

  6. 1. Justin, M
    2. vigeantj@uci.edu
    3. Primarily have played on grass. Actually only played seriously on grass, about five years now.
    4. ugh, besides some random pickup games nothing seriously
    5. refer to 4.
    6. 5’7
    7. Just moved to the area (literally today). My car is not even emptied out and I am signing up for as much frisbee as I can find on the interweb so thats how much I love ultimate, vis-a-vis beach ultimate.

  7. 8(cont.) oh also I am fast

  8. 1. Carly Lochala, Female
    2. carly.lochala@gmail.com
    3. 2 years college at Brown, 7 years on mixed club teams in NYC/New Hampshire
    4. Played Wildwood, NJ beach weekend tourney 6 years, played Sandblast in Chicago once
    5. only weekend tourney teams so far!
    6. 5’8″
    7. my stamina on beach > grass, I will layout ALL DAY in sand. I’m hoping to baggage with my husband Joel if possible (I like him and we share a car).

  9. 1. Joel Soltman, 29, Male
    2. jsoltman@gmail.com
    3. 4 years in high school, 4 years of college, 7 years mixed club teams in NYC/New Hampshire and lots of pickup, summer leagues etc.
    4. 7-8 weekend beach tournaments in New Jersey (Wildwood) and Chicago (Sandblast)
    5. only weekend tournaments
    6. 5’8″
    7. Beach is great, I handle primarily and am hoping to play on the same team as my wife Carly (see above)

  10. 1. Dylan, 24, M
    2. dylan.greenleaf10@gmail.com
    3. Played for Baylor University, captain senior year; random dallas and new orleans clubs you haven’t heard of
    4. the week i spent in cancun last November
    5. –
    7. I just moved to LA from Louisiana. I have never played beach ultimate, but I am stoked to play it! (I PLAY BETTER IN THE WIND) Oh, and I’ll bring the sunscreen for the team 😀

  11. 1. Sean, 34, M
    2. sz.keith@gmail.com
    3. Played since 18 off and on in various leagues. Was playing in China for the last three years
    4. Spring league
    5. Goth Kids (spring 2016 in LA)
    6. 5’11 1/2
    7. Beach ultimate is amazing. Living near the Santa Monica beach also means I will be attending a lot 🙂

  12. 1. Ryan, 28, M
    2. ryanbrowning88@gmail.com
    3. Played 4 years of intramurals in college, 3 years of co-ed summer leagues in Boise, ID
    4. Never played on the beach!
    5. See above
    6. 5’11”
    7. Haven’t played competitively in a couple years. Looking to get my feet wet again! Fast, can jump, would rather lay out on D than on O, prefer to be in the stack. Just want to play some Ultimate on the beach with cool people! Team Alternate for the win!

  13. 1. Andy, 28, M
    2. absiref@gmail.com
    3. 4 years college (Tufts U, 3 years B, 1 A); 6ish Omaha summer leagues and 1.5ish club seasons
    4. Handful of wildwoods, 1 lei out
    5. 1 point picking up on a young alum team at lei out last year. Or the full tournament the year before. Whichever counts.
    6. 5’6
    7. Whopper

  14. 1. Christian, M, 28
    2. camikkelson@gmail.com
    3. I played 3 seasons of LAOUT summer league on grass
    4. I played one season of LAOUT Fall Beach League (2012)
    5. Huckleberry
    6. 6′
    7. I haven’t played in a few years but I can always run, jump, and catch. Plus I bring a great attitude to any team I’m a party of.

  15. REDO:

    1. Laura, F, 25
    2. lauradimillo@gmail.com
    3. Played 5 seasons of Portland Maine Summer League
    4. Played one beach tournament, Wildwood, in Wildwood, NJ
    5. haven’t played on an organized team since high school, but have practiced with the mixed team, Dead Reckoning, and womens team Swagger in Maine
    6. 5′ 3″
    7. Will be moving out to LA area by October 9. Ready to have fun and make friends, and hoping LA ultimate people like to party as much as the mainers 🙂

  16. 1. Warren Wells – Male
    2. warrenjwells@gmail.com
    3. I’ve played 6 seasons of regionals-level mixed and men’s club since college
    4. Wildwood 8 times, Lei Out 3 times, and Beach Nationals twice
    5. I just moved to LA, so I haven’t played on any league teams here
    6. 5’11”
    7. I play in every beach tournament I can, organizing a group for Wildwood (I moved from Baltimore) each of the past 7 years. In the future I plan to play almost exclusively beach, because several shoulder dislocations keep me from laying out on grass. It’s cliche to say that I’m “a fun guy” or something, but I’ve captained and managed a regionals-level men’s team for the past 4 seasons, so I guess some people like hanging out and playing with me.

  17. 1. Tahlia Hodes / Female
    2. hodes22t@mtholyoke.edu
    3. I’ve played 2 college seasons at Mount Holyoke College! We went to D3 natties this year! (yay!!!!) And I played for a mixed club team in Kentucky!
    4. I’ve been to Wildwood once! It was fun!
    5. Moving to LA tomorrow (Sept. 1)
    6. 5’6″
    7. I love playing!! And have a TON of energy. PLUS I love to bake cookies…. My summer league team in Kentucky got cookies EVERY week!

  18. 1. Dannica Fetters, F
    2. Dannica.fetters@gmail.com
    3. Played 3 summer grass leagues
    4. Never played on the beach!
    5. None yet!
    6. 5’4″
    7. I absolutely love ultimate! I haven’t played on a team the last couple years because I was moving around and tore my meniscus playing ultimate. Now I’m ready to go again! I love being a part of a team and consider myself a beginner still so I’d be happy to play on your team!

  19. 1. Tyler
    2. Tek1987@gmail.com
    3. 12 years of leagues and pickup plus high school and college ultimate
    4. Beach pickup for two and a half years
    5. Hammer time Santa Monica beach league
    6. 6’2
    7. Moved here to play more beach ultimate!

  20. 1. Jack Briskie / Male
    2. jbriskie@gmail.com
    3. ~3 years, just played on pink for LAOUT summer league
    4. 1 year fall/spring leagues
    5. Hammer Time for fall league, Orange for Men’s spring league
    6. 5’12”
    7. Love beach league lots! Pumped for another great season.

  21. 1. Paul (Sage) Banta (39, M)
    2. paulfbanta@gmail.com
    3. I regularly play pick up, played on mixed teams in PDX, and back in college (15 yrs)
    4. I played Lei out a few years and played on men’s beach this past spring
    5. The Blue team
    6. 6’0
    7. I love beach. I prefer to handle but am comfortable cutting as well. I’m a lefty so can get off hucks and breaks often. I love the spirit and chill vibe of mixed ultimate. Lets make this happen!

  22. 1. Bryan Cloutier / Male 18yrs.
    2. feetfirstk@hotmail.com
    3. I regularly play pick up. Also play on the So Cal National team
    4. I live in Redondo, play beach pick-up often.
    5. Played in the HS youth HAT tourney on beach in Spring, and in Spring LAOUT HS league
    6. 6’1″
    7. I love Ultimate. I am the president of my Ultimate club at Redondo. Frisbee is my life. I am a fast runner & good jumper. Let me play, I won’t let you down!

  23. 1. Greta, 24, F
    2. g.becker27@gmail.com
    3. Played on grass for 7-8 years in a co-ed rec league in Madison, WI
    4. Never played on beach before
    5. n/a
    6. 5’5″
    7. Love ultimate frisbee! Just moved to LA area – looking to play and meet new people! I’ve played on 3 co-ed rec teams, one I have been on for 7 years. The ultimate frisbee community is the best!

  24. 1) Clint, 33, M
    2) clint.wehling@gmail.com
    3) Played on grass for 15 years in league, college, and club (mixed)
    4) Played several tournaments and one league
    5) Lei Out 2014 was last beach tourney
    6) 6’1”
    7) Love ultimate, love side games (kan jam, spike ball, bocce, etc), and the frisbee community. I’ll be new to LA and will be out there Oct 2nd

  25. 1. Ian, 27, M
    2. ilc@ucla.edu
    3. Played on grass for 4 years, mostly pick up
    4. Played on beach for 2-3 years, one men’s league, one mixed
    5. Hammer Time, but they filled up fast this year when I was out of town
    6. 6’1″
    7. I love ultimate a tonne! The farthest north I’ve played pick up is on Baffin Island (northern Canada), the farthest east is in Germany, and the farthest south and west is here in LA. Hoping to get on a team this year!

  26. 1. Victor, 27, M
    2. vcbsmith@gmail.com
    3. 9 years or so I guess? College, club, league, stupid grass tournaments, not stupid grass tournaments. I play what many would consider to be “a lot of ultimate.”
    4. First played Wildwood in 2012. So, about 4 years. I play a lot of beach (pickup, league, tourneys here in LA.)
    5. Funk Zone (Huck It Long Beach) /Swoll Patroll (Morrisfest) / No Disc No Life (Beach League)
    6. I don’t list my height on tinder and see no reason to do so here.
    7. I’m probably not going to attend a whole lot of games and will definitely not attend the tournament. But I can (and given the slightest provocation, will) throw full-field scoobers.

  27. 1. Shawn McCarthy (male, 31)
    2. shawnmmccarthy@icloud.com
    3. 10+ seasons of nationals-level open club (’05-’15)
    4. Limited beach experience…Lei Out a couple of times and Beach Summer League
    5. Goth Kids (black, summer 2016)
    6. 5’8”, 160 lbs.
    7. Largely available for the entirety of the season.

  28. 1. Adam Dundon 27 M
    2. adamdundon1@gmail.com
    3. 10 years on grass
    4. never played on a beach before
    5. –
    6. 6’1”
    7. Love ultimate! Just moved to LA from Wisconsin. I’ve been playing three seasons in city leagues for the past 4 years and looking to keep that going.

  29. 1. Chad Rahtz, male, 22
    2. chad.rahtz@gmail.com
    3. Just graduated from college where I captained the team, played some club in australia
    4. Lei Out is fun, played some in australia
    5. The most recent Lei Out
    6. 6’0
    7. I really like playing frisbee almost as much as I like having fun! Sand is coarse and rough and it gets everywhere, but I’m a pretty safe bet to go to everything anyways

  30. 1. Chris Brandmaier 25 M
    2. chrisbrandmaier@yahoo.com
    3. From Boston, so i played mostly on grass last two years outdoor and indoor year round for the last two years.
    4. I mostly played on the beach in tournaments and when playing volleyball, so my feet are prepared for the santa monica sand
    5. Last beach team i played with was at a tournament in long beach and prior to that i played at wildwood!
    6. 6′ 1″
    7. Really enjoy playing ultimate. I give it my all when I am out there and make sure to have fun. I am new to the area so i would love to get in the ultimate scene here

  31. 1. David Zucker 24 M
    2. zucked@gmail.com
    3. 4 years highschool in PA, 4 years college at WashU in St. Louis, consistent regionals competitor
    4. 5ish years of Wildwood. Won beer bracket twice which is a HUGE DEAL. I have big pancake feet perfect for beach ultimate
    5. No Disc, No life (2015)
    6. 5’8
    7. it is worth waking up pre-9am on a sunday