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Adult Team Registration

Registration is now open for the Fall Co-ed Beach League 2017!

All registration is through the city of Santa Monica’s website. – REGISTRATION CLOSES ON FRIDAY, SEPT 22nd.

Adult registration is on a per team basis ($400). Youth registration is by individual player ($75). For youth registration, please go HERE

The League starts Sunday, Oct 1st and ends Sunday, Dec 3rd. We do not meet on Sunday, Nov 26th (the Sunday after Thanksgiving).

All LAOUT Members get $5 refunded from their registration.

A Coed: (teams capped at 14 players*)


B Coed: (no cap on number of players, but suggest less than 18)


We will need at least 8 team in each division to run both.  Otherwise they will be combined into one division.

When you register your team, after you create your profile, you’ll find this section, asking for the “number of team members” and the “number of team members to pay for now.” Since we have no roster limit (sort of*), it doesn’t matter how many you have, but make sure the “number you are paying for now” matches the “number of team members.” Enter a number that is higher than the number of players you intend to have on your roster. you don’t have to fill all the spots, but it can become complicated if you make this number small, and then try to add more players later. Basically, set both numbers to 40, and you’ll be fine.

*New (as of 2016) rule for the fall co-ed beach league

1) New teams in the A Division, have a cap of 14 players (we strongly suggest fewer – even though the number above says ’40’, the cap is 14).

2) Current existing teams may exceed the cap. But with the caveat that no new players may be added to the team now, or in the future, until the total number of players falls below the cap.

We have rosters from last year, and will be comparing them.

3) Players in the A division must play in at least 4 games, to be eligible to play in the tourney.

4) even though registration says players must be 15 years or older, they can be 14 or older.

Please also email Goat an excel sheet of your roster with M/F split out so he can easily post it to the LAOUT site.

For technical assistance with registration, please contact

Heath Hamilton <Heath.Hamilton@smgov.net>

(310) 458-4904


Goat @ LABeachUltimate at gmail dot com

for youth registration, please go HERE


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See you on the sand

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