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Free Agents

  • We often have a ‘free agent’ team.  This is organized by someone on the list who wants to play, but can’t find a team.  If that’s you, just start emailing the people who sign up here.  If you have questions, email Goat.
  • This is a Mixed league, 4-4 (2M/2W on the field at all times).  Ideal roster is about 14 players.


Please leave the following information here

  1. Name / Gender
  2. Contact info
  3. playing experience on beach
  4. playing experience on grass
  5. last L.A. beach team you played with (if any)
  6. height
  7. how much you love beach ultimate and other important information

If you have been picked up on a team, please notify Goat  LABeachUltimate at gmail (dot) com, and he will remove your information from the list.

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  1. Charlie Mullin
    Beach experience: 6 years
    Grass experience: 30+ years
    PenUltimate (several years)
    6 feet
    Playing beach is such an adrenaline rush — I need it NOW!

  2. Picked-up 8/14/17

    Emily “Nessy” Ash
    Beach Experience: Not a lot – have played in several beach tournaments, but never any leagues as I recently moved here from Ohio.
    Grass Experience: 6 years
    height: 5′ 3″
    Beach ultimate (the few times I’ve played), is so much fun!! And I’d love to get even more experience playing on it! 🙂

  3. Andrew Schwartz
    Beach Experience: not a whole lot, some pickup
    Grass Experience: 11 years, high school, college, and leagues
    5′ 9″
    I love all ultimate, just want to play as much as possible.

  4. Thomas Jedding
    Beach Experience: never played an actual game before
    Grass Experience: 3 years
    Height: 5′ 10″
    I love ultimate and I love the beach so I’m guessing I’ll love beach ultimate

  5. Samantha Decker
    Beach Experience: Not a lot but I’ve played in a beach tournament.
    Grass Experience: One year on a college team and summer league this year.
    I love ultimate and I want to play as much as possible because it’s super fun and so I can keep improving my skills.

  6. Kaila Toce
    Beach Experience: next to nothing
    Grass Experience: 8 years, on and off
    I’m super excited to play beach ultimate! I love ultimate and I love the beach so… what could be better than both?

  7. Caleb White (male)
    Beach Experience: I’ve played in a handful of tournaments and pick up, but no leagues
    Grass Experience: 10 years
    5′ 11”
    Yeah, you know, I’m into it. Ultimate is sort of my thing. And beach is cool. And I’m reliable. So yeah.

  8. Drew Conley
    Beach Experience: A few hat tournaments and pick up.
    Grass Experience: 8 years.
    6′ 5″
    Looking to try out more beach ultimate. Can catch anything and have been known to release a flick huck from time to time.

  9. Dominic Lincoln
    Beach Experience: Pick Up
    Grass Experience: 8 years
    5′ 11″
    I missed out on Summer League, so I’m looking forward to being a part of a team again and playing in competitive games. After moving from Nebraska, I’m excited to try out a beach league now that it’s an option.

  10. Looking to play beach league, haven’t played in awhile – I SHOULD be able to make most weekends and am willing to help captain a team if needed.

    That said here’s my details in case someone contacts me first for a potential add.:
    Daniel Smeltzer
    Beach Experience: ~12 years / highlights were winning Beach League in 2008 and Lei Out in 2013 while captaining SportsCenter
    Grass Experience: 12 years
    5’9″ Handler
    Looking to play in a competitive team, I’ve taken the past year off ultimate and played mostly beach recently as I was having foot pain issues. But I’m on the mend and looking to have some more fun playing with the beach community!

  11. Zach Trout
    Beach Experience: none. Just moved from NE and looking to play beach, sounds fun.
    Grass Experience: 7 years
    Love ultimate and bidding after a long run. It is a lot more fun bidding into sand. Throw it, I’ll run.

  12. Chris Dinkel – male
    Beach experience: Pickup, mostly
    Grass experience: played competitively in high school and college, haven’t played in a few years though.
    Been going through ultimate withdrawals, and now that I live in LA I figure I gotta play on the beach. Pick me up! I’m always good for a beer after the game

  13. Hi, I’m looking for a team to join!
    Jordan Balagot / Female
    jordan314 at yahoo (.com)
    playing experience on beach: None
    playing experience on grass: Club (Reign), leagues
    height: 6’4
    Would love to try beach!

  14. Hey, Im Keanan / Male
    Ive played smaller 4 and 5 a side games at myrtle beach for High Tide
    Ive played ultimate on grass for about 3 years
    Haven’t played in LA yet
    6′ 1
    Beach ultimate is a blast. My main sport is soccer, Ive been playing my whole life/all through college. Cutting is my thing, looking to find space and make runs

  15. Name / Gender
    Francois Sissoko Male
    off and on for 4 years
    I really enjoy beach ultimate and am excited to get to play some this fall.

  16. Will / M
    will.hummel at gmail
    Real new to beach but I’ve been playing on grass for 10+ years w/ SF rec for 6 years
    new to LA
    stoked to play on a team in LA

  17. Conner Carrico / M
    4.5 years Beach
    4.5 years Grass
    Not played with an LA beach team before
    Beach ultimate is my favorite way to catch a frisbee and eat sand at the same time

  18. Kathryn-Kelly Olin / F
    On and off 4.5 years grass
    New (ish) to LA and I have never played with a beach team before.
    5’2″ cutter
    I love ultimate and want to play as much as I can- I’m super athletic and competitive and excited to play on an LA beach team.

  19. Julia Wallace
    Five years beach and grass
    Black Lives Hammer
    Love Ultimate fun to play with. Positive and encouraging cool headed handler as well as a cutter on teams I play with. Sorry last minute but life happens! 🙂

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