Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Summer League 2017


Schedule & Scores



Rancho Cienega Rec Center (Jackie Robinson Football Field) – 5005-5019 Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90016
(Enter Parking Lot on Rodeo Drive.  Field will be on your left.) DOGS OKAY

Culver City High School (Helms Football Field) – 4741 St. Nicholas Ave., Culver City, CA 90230
(Park on Harter Ave. or St. Nicholas Ave.) NO DOGS ALLOWED

Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex – 6201 N. Balboa Blvd., Van Nuys, CA 91406
(Enter Parking Lot on Balboa Blvd.  Field is at the far end of the lot past the softball fields.) NO DOGS ALLOWED

John Adams Middle School (JAMS) – 2425 16th St., Santa Monica, CA 90405
(The field is on 17th St.  It’s the football field next to the softball field, not the soccer field.) NO DOGS ALLOWED


  • ThemisWeek 1: THEMIS was one of the original 12 titans and was the Goddess who instructed mankind of the primal laws of morality and justice.  Use her power to morally reverse any foul or violation call that your opponent makes.  OR, you can reverse a contested call from your opponent.  Because this power has the chance to be misused unfairly, the team that uses this power is encouraged to keep Spirit of the Game in mind whenever they use it.  Don’t foul people on purpose to overturn the call.  (This was Danzo Shimura’s power last year.)
  • MnemosyneWeek 1 & 2: MNEMOSYNE was one of the original 12 titans and was a Goddess of memory.  Use her power to make the other team forget that you just scored, and instead of pulling to them on the next point, you can make the other team pull to you.  This can even happen at the mirror half. Addendum – this power can only be used after the first point of the game is scored.  (This was Dark Phoenix’s power last year.)
  • HeliosWeek 2 & 3: HELIOS was the Titan God of the sun, who raced across the sky with four winged steeds.  Use his power to race with the disc until tagged. For a single offensive possession for all players on your team, you may run with the disc after catching the pull until touched with one hand by an opponent (including touching clothing).  You can even run into the end zone for the score.  Teammates cannot block for the runner.  That would be a pick.  The power must be declared before the pull.  To clarify, everyone on the team can run and throw (while running) to each other until touched.  When touched, you must stop as quickly as possible and return to the spot where touched.  You pivot as normal with normal stall count and may throw to a teammate, who can then start running until touched.  The power ends when there’s a score or a turnover. (This was Professor Zoom’s power last year.)
  • RheaWeek 3 & 4: RHEA was one of the original 12 titans and represented the eternal flow of time.  Use her power to  change the stall count to 5 when your opponents’ have the disc, and to 15 when you have the disc.  You must declare this before the point begins.  When the point ends, play resumes as normal.  (This was Alpha Mimic’s power last year.)
  • AuraWeek 4 & 5: AURA was the Goddess of the breeze. Use her power to send your hats flying into the breeze. Hat D’s are legal for your team including sideline Hat D’s. No other St. Pat’s Hat rules apply, meaning you can play offense without a hat on. (This was Odd Job’s power last year.)
  • PrometheusWeek 5 & 6: PROMETHEUS was one of the original 12 titans and was tasked with molding man out of clay.  Use his power to mold a player onto your team for one point.  You can select any other player from the opposite team, or another player from the other field, or bring a player who’s willing to play only one point for you.  Note that if you take a player from the other team, you can pull them from the line to play with you, but the other team doesn’t play down a player.  They can substitute for that player on the line.  (This was Darth Sideous’ power last year.)
  • Metis Week 6 & 7: METIS was the Titan Goddess of planning and cunning.  Use her power to cunningly make one point worth two, but only for your team during that one point.  Must declare it on the line.  The other team can score the point, but they would only get one point. (This was Count von Count’s power last year.)
  • AnkhialeWeek 7 & 8: ANKHIALE was the Titan Goddess of the heat of fire, and the mother of the “five fingers” which represented the power of the hand.  Use her power to force your opponent to play with their off hand.  If an opponent throws with their dominant hand, it’s an immediate turnover. (This was Clarence Boddicker’s power last year.)
  • IapetusWeek 8 & 9: IAPETUS was one of the original 12 titans, and was known as “The Piercer”, the God of mortality.  Use his power to remove one of your players in the middle of a point, and sub in a new player anywhere on the field.  The new player must wait until the departing player is completely off the field before coming in, otherwise it’s a violation.  The new player must be the same gender as the departing player.  They do not have to announce this out loud.  The new player just enters the field and play continues as normal. (This was Azazel’s power last year.)
  • HecateWeek 9: HEKATE was the Titan Goddess of magic.  Use her power to transform the disc into any flat plastic round object of your choosing (like a Tupperware lid, for example).  The three criteria (flat, plastic, round) must be adhered to, but anything that fits that mold is acceptable to use, no matter the size.  You can do this to begin an offense or defense point.  At the conclusion of the point, play resumes as normal.  (This was Calvin’ power last year.)


Regular registration is closed right now but you can put your name on the waiting list

If you’re a woman wanting to be on the Sub List, just contact me at andybandit@gmail.com and I’ll get you on.

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Summer League FAQ
Link to 2016 Pages

Important dates:
– Monday, April 25 – registration opens
– Friday, May 12 – registration ends
– Friday, May 19 – registration extension date (will cost more money, because it makes my life harder when you’re late)
– Wednesday, May 31 – Summer League draft
– Monday, June 5 – League starts
– Saturday, August 5 – Tournament (Saturday) (Field TBD)